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[Guide]Make Enough Money to Buy Armor


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General Ways to startup:


Farm or buy Ancient Adena

Buy blank scrolls


You can turn these into EWD's for on average 200k adena a piece at the merchant of mammon, instead of the market price of 400-450k.


Use this at first to create some nice starting money and get yourself a few million, then head over to giran to start making more money.


Warning: This is a gambling and there is no way to assure its safety on official servers.


1. Go to the weaponshop and buy 1 elven sword and 1 artisan sword. It will run you about 1.8kk.

2. Use the EWD's that you got with your AA and blank scrolls and start enchanting it. There are many rituals of how people "assure" safety, but facts are that the official servers have a 66% success rate and nothing more.


The choices are yours, You can be fairly safe and just get a +4 and sell it for 1-2kk profit each time (4kk for a +4 is reasonable by all means) however, if you can make it a +5, or a +6 you can end up making 10-15kk profit.


After doing this for a few cycles I was comfortably able to afford my full C grade and start buying into my B.




*Guide Maked From Me - KoKoU

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