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[Guide] Aion Class - Ranger

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I've posted this Aion Ranger Class Guide for all the Aion Players that are a little bit confused when talking about a new character. If you want a new char, but you haven't decided yet what class you should choose, it is better to read all the guides that are available on our website! You'll see that it will be more that easier to take a decision, after being well-informed !




In this Aion Ranger Class Guide, i will explain the importance of the Ranger Class in the Aion Universe. Besides that, in this Aion Ranger Class Guide i will write about the advantages and disadvantages that this class has. Every class is important, but now we are talking about ranger class and that's all it matters.


The advantages of Ranger Class are:


- long range attacks

- powerfull against melee attacks

- resistant character

- low or no use of mp

- planting traps

- useful in any party

- quite nice skills

- fast attack

- gain some extra money because you dont need to buy mp


Disadvantages of Ranger Class:


- spending money on arrows (not that expensive but till you reach top level, some kinah will be gone from your inventory)

- when fighting you have to keep the distance between you and the enemy

- always need arrows

- not so many skills that include character control


The ranger and the assassin too, both make part of the scout class. One big difference between this two classes is the fact that the assassin is stronger in short range attacks, and the ranger is much more powerful in long range attacks.


The ranger class is a complicated and hard to play one, but i think this makes it much more interesting. The ranger is based on long range attacks, because it has equipped a bow . This is a positive thing because the ranger can cause some damage before the opponent/mob reaches him.


In PvE, the ranger can fight in both modes: solo and party. It is much better to play in party mode, but it is ok to fight alone too. It depends on you . If you don't want to share any drops of yours with others, it is better to play solo.

The ranger is not that good at low level, but at high level you can see the difference.

Anyway, planting traps means a lot for a ranger because in this way he can defeat the enemy faster !


A difference between wow ranger and aion ranger is the fact that you can still shot even if the mob is near you. At low level it is beter to play as an assassin but at high level, the ranger will be a real powerfull character. Besides that, the hidding skill of the assassin will be really useful


In PvP, it depends a lot of your playing style. If you don't let your enemy to approach you, your winning chances are increasing a lot, but for example, if an assassin has the chance to get near you, you can get killed really fast.


The perfect profession for ranger class is cooking and also weapon smithing. You can create food for yourself and in this way saving some money, and besides weapon smithing is a really useful profession because of the fact that you can create a much better weapon for your character, that is not available for buying.


Ranger in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPzry8MHn7E

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