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[Read]Aion Infos/History you need to know.

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What is Aion?

Aion is a visually stunning massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) where your character wields devastating powers and sweeping wings to explore a celestial world of breath-taking beauty and epic adventure. It features cutting-edge imagery, gorgeous environments, and a unique fantasy world. Your character plays a pivotal role in the fate of Atreia, where the enemy is not only the other player faction but a deadly ancient evil as well.


Aion is played on a Windows PC with Internet access.


The World of Aion

Explore the inside of Atreia, a world sundered into two halves, with the chaotic Abyss between them.


Aerial Combat

Start thinking of online combat in a whole new way. In the skies of Aion, attacks can come from any direction.



Engage in intense raids and encounters with nonplayer opponents, not to mention the opposing player faction.



Characters in Aion begin as talented but normal humans who are fated to become more than human. They ascend, becoming Daevas, at level 10.



Choose from four starting classes. When your character becomes Level 10, choose a subclass to specialize your character.


Character Customization

Customize your character in a multitude of ways with a thorough character creation and crafting system, as well as detailed item customization options.



The World of Aion

Aion takes place in Atreia, a stunningly beautiful and world split in two.


Once connected by the Tower of Eternity, Atreia was sundered by an ancient cataclysm. On your journey to bring salvation to the world, your character will traverse the inner surface of Atreia, exploring lush lands, floating islands, chaotic voids, and many other amazing vistas.


Each half of the shattered world is inhabited by one of two playable divine factions: the Elyos and the Asmodians. Isolated by the Cataclysm that broke Atreia apart, each side has brooded for centuries on the catastrophic events of the past. Their hatred for each other has only intensified.


Many centuries after the Cataclysm, fragments of the destroyed Tower began to float mysteriously in the air, and investigations revealed unstable portals that opened into a dimension of darkness and wonder where fragments of the Tower drifted. This place was named the Abyss. Within the Abyss, the once-lost power of flight is now commonplace. The Abyss is where Elyos and Asmodians contend to fight an epic battle for supremacy.


As the Elyos and the Asmodians uncovered new, more stable portals to the Abyss, they encountered a primeval terror that they had known only in storybooks: the Balaur. Banished to an unknown dimension during the Cataclysm, the Balaur are the ancient enemy of all the peoples of Atreia. The Balaur's continual war on humanity led to Cataclysm. Now they have returned, the survival of both races and Atreia itself is more uncertain than ever.



Aerial Combat

After centuries of isolation, the two factions, Elyos and Asmodian, discovered portals into the dimension between the split halves of the world: the Abyss. Some humans rediscovered the power of flight after they ascend to become Daevas. Daevas have wings and the ability to fly. While this ability is somewhat limited in their own lands, they found that mastering flight was a necessity in the Abyss.


In the chaotic Abyss, attacks can come from any direction. Daevas become masters of flight, and must continually upgrade their flight power with Aether-infused feathers in order to stand against the dual threat--that of the opposing faction and the Balaur--in the Abyss.


You'll learn what it's like to fly in Aion.





PvPvE stands for "Player vs. Player vs. Environment." The story of Aion is rife with conflict between factions. Elyos and the Asmodians harbor centuries of hatred. They are now at war with each other, with nothing less than the fate of their entire people in their hands. Large fragments of the Tower of Eternity floating in the Abyss that separates the two halves of the shattered world serve as battlefields between these two factions. Players will venture into these areas through portals they discover as they attain enough experience.


The factions constantly battle for control of fortresses and artifacts within the disputed areas of the Abyss. Each of these victories garners bonuses and special resources to the winning side, and player characters can only obtain certain items from vendors operating out of these controlled areas. In addition, player characters can accumulate points and special ranks by defeating other player characters and can use these points to acquire better equipment.


The Elyos and the Asmodians are not just battling each other in the Abyss, however. A third faction, the ancient enemy known as the Balaur, also fights for control. Depending on the situation, players may end up battling the Balaur as well as other players, or there may be times when the Balaur can ally with one faction and fight the other. Other lethal denizens of the Abyss may also come into play in this constantly changing skirmish. This ever-changing give and take of multiple forces, enemies, and alliances of convenience is the heart of Aion's PvPvE system.





Characters in Aion begin as talented but normal humans who are fated to become more than human. Many of the humans of Atreia dream all their lives of ascending to become Daevas. Only a scant few attain that dream.


At level 10, characters in Aion mystically evolve into Daevas. They feel the power of Aether infuse them, priming them to ascension. During the Ascension Ceremony, they become Daevas and gain their wings, immense powers, and immortality to aging. Characters select a subclass at this time, also.


Becoming a Daeva is a rare gift that brings with it a heavy responsibility to protect the humans of Atreia and Atreia itself. Daevas are the first line of defense against invasions from the Balaur and the Daevas of their opposed faction. The people of Atreia revere their Daevas almost as demigods.



Character Customization

NCsoft has designed Aion to give you a wide variety of character customization options. Players can easily shape their character's face and body structure with a multitude of sliders to manipulate nearly every aspect of their physical appearance. They can also choose from a range of hairstyles, facial hair types, and skin tones.


With item crafting, you can not only make your character weapons, suits of armor, and other items, but you can also alter how these items appear in the game with dyes and other modifications. You can even visually mimic another item. The crafting system in Aion is robust and will be familiar to fans of the genre.


Character customization is not limited to appearance. Aion uses a Stigma system--a way for a character to use skills and abilities that do not belong to that character's class. Though you may choose a particular class path, your play style is not limited to only what that class can do.






The Elyos

The Elyos are a beautiful and radiant people. The Cataclysm separated them from the Asmodians and left them to thrive in a bountiful world bathed in golden light and starlight. Elyos are comforting, warm, and friendly, but against foes, they are not kindly or benevolent. The ascended forms of Elyos Daevas have stunning, angelic wings, and their immense strength belies their graceful appearance.





The Asmodian

The Asmodians are a brave and hardy people. The Cataclysm separated them from the Elyos and plunged them into a world of ice and darkness. To survive such desolation is one thing, but to thrive and prosper as the Asmodians did is quite another. Asmodian skin is pale or dusky, and their eyes have adapted to low light by gaining an otherworldly glow that is most pronounced during combat. Ascended Asmodian Daevas are blessed with strength and the ability to fly, and their feathered wings are dark in color.





The Balaur

he term "Balaur" invokes images of terror and fear in the hearts of humans in both halves of Atreia. A mighty and highly intelligent race created by the god, Aion, to care for and rule Atreia's population, the Balaur quickly became fixated with power and domination. Their aggression eventually led the god to create the twelve Empyrean Lords to safeguard the planet and its people.


After a long and vicious war against the Empyrean Lords, the Balaur were involved in the destruction of the Tower of Eternity during a meeting intended to negotiate peace. The Tower's destruction cast the Balaur into the Abyss, an unstable rift between the two shattered halves of Atreia where the center of the Tower used to be.


Recently, however, the Balaur have managed to escape from their prison, and they threaten this fragile world with their fury once again.









Warriors are masters of close combat. They are about grit, power, and sheer strength. They use their great physical strength and prowess to pound the enemy and provide cover for allies. They exhibit a wide range of dazzling battle skills that other classes cannot perform.



A Warrior bears the brunt of an attack and can reply with tremendous force and power. Do not fail to appreciate what a warrior can do for your group.


Warriors are easy to play at first. Though their first steps may be relatively easy to learn, Warriors must fully dedicate both body and mind to understand the powerful skills they will later be taught.


At level 10, Warriors must specialize into either the Gladiator subclass or the Templar subclass.




Gladiators live and die by the sword. They are skilled a variety of weapons and can master a mixture of fighting techniques tailored to the characteristics of their weapons.

Important Statistics: Strength, Health, Agility





Templars act as guardians, defending with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. Templars can use a chant or incantation to protect and heal themselves and allies, but they serve most often as front line fighters.

Important Statistics: Strength, Health, Accuracy





Scouts are agile and stealthy. They fight swiftly with melee weapons. Their attacks benefit from great agility and attack speed. They dress in light armor, making them somewhat vulnerable--when they can be hit.


The Scout is an extremely versatile class. Scouts have the most flexible abilities and tactics among the initial classes, but because of that, they also require some player skill to master. Playing a Scout means learning abilities that are complex and subtle. They require a delicate touch and a measured approach.




At level 10, Scouts must specialize into either the Ranger subclass or the Assassin subclass.



Rangers are expert archers. They are inherently skilled with bows. They can also use melee weapons such as swords and daggers. They are adept at observing their surroundings and optimizing their tactics for terrain. They can survive in the harshest of environments.


Important Statistics: Agility, Health, Accuracy





Assassins are expert in silent movement and quick termination of a given target. Assassins are valued and respected for their deadly skills and stealthy nature. They can cripple an opponent with damage with little warning.


Important Statistics: Agility, Accuracy, Strength





Mages rely on their mastery of magic to do large amounts of damage at long range. They are able to deal out terrifying, awe-inspiring levels of damage while taking little damage in return from afar. They have command over the elements, summoning raging fireballs and chains of the coldest ice to wreak havoc over the ranks of the enemy. They can even speak to the shattered planet, calling forth roots to bind enemies in place. They are weak at close combat because they wear light armor and their health is relatively low.


Mages are at once incredibly powerful and exceptionally vulnerable. Playing a Mage is easy at first, but to do well, it is important to learn how to divert and to evade the enemy. Knowing when to fight and when to flee is important since their defenses are limited.




At level 10, Mages must specialize into either the Sorcerer subclass or the Spiritmaster subclass.



Sorcerers follow the path of magic, mastering the elements of water, fire, air, earth, and, their most powerful ally, Aether. A Sorcerer's talents are many, and they have single-handedly turned the tide of battle.


Important Statistics: Knowledge, Health, Will





Spiritmasters use the power of the spirits to strike fear in the enemy's heart, and they can summon pets to turn the tide in combat. By all accounts, the path of the Spiritmaster is one of the more testing paths to master.


Important Statistics: Knowledge, Health, Will






Priests specialize in healing magic and can use long-range spells to help allies and hinder the enemy. A Priest can bring dying comrades to full health in a heartbeat and cure deadly poisons. While Priests are more than capable of engaging in melee combat in medium armor and a mace, they can also take a broader view, using healing and protection spells to keep allies on the battlefield.


Playing a Priest is neither hard nor easy. A Priest is arguably the backbone of any successful party. A Priest's ability to keep friends alive even in the direst of circumstances cannot be underestimated. Priests can be vital in ensuring that groups survive against the more pressing challenges in Atreia.


To successfully play a Priest solo, remember to have the Priest heal often. It can take longer to defeat opponents, but Priests are very resilient and are likely to live through encounters with even multiple enemies this way.




At level 10, Priests must specialize into either the Cleric subclass or the Chanter subclass.



Clerics follow the path of healing, using the power of magic to strengthen allies and heal their wounds. They can resurrect their allies. They are formidable opponents in melee when using a mace and a shield.


Important Statistics: Will, Knowledge, Health





hanters manifest their duty and faith outward to others, infusing it into their allies. Though they can heal and use a staff in battle, their primary ability is to instill their fierce discipline into their allies. Chanters use mantras to strengthen allies and raise their morale. Their mantras can grow powerful enough to affect the outcome of an entire battle.


Important Statistics: Strength, Will, Agility




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