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[Gracia Final L2J] L2EternalFight


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Expiriance = x25 Spellpoint = x25 ItemDrop = x15 Spoil = x20


RaidBossDrop = x5 EpicRaidBossDrop = x5 QuestDrop = x6


QuestReward = x4  AdenaDrop = x20 Manor = x1





EnchantScroll = 66% BlessedScroll = 76%


YogiScroll = 66% AttributeSton = 50%


MaxEnchant = +16 SafeEnchant = +4








Life Stone = 30%


Mid-Grade Life Stone = 40%


High Grade Life Stone = 55%


Top Grade Life Stone = 70%








VitalityLevel 1 = 10% VitalityLevel 2 = 20%


VitalityLevel 3 = 30% VitalityLevel 4 = 40%


VitalityGineInPeace = x20








Full Buff




All you need max B grade




Custom gatekeeper use all teleport spots from original


gatekeepers with all L2 zones


=Skill Enchanter=


Support all class enchant skills with original method.




Custom mammons in town support all with original


mammons + support for S80


=Class Master=


Available class but not for free


1st classchange = 100,000 adena 2nd classchange 1,000,000 adena


3rd classchange = 10,000,000 adena and 5,000,000 Ancient Adena


every 3rd classchange give Giant's Codex


=Server Manager=


Mani character changeset function  look in game!






Grand Olympiad Game = retail like


Work Kamaloka instance = All levels


Hellbound 100% work + quest there for recipe or parts S80


Fullitem drop with all mobs and raids


Crystal Cavern work 100%


Emerald Steam work 100%


Tully Shop -Soon


Naia Tower -Soon


Dark Cloud Mansion 100%


Many fix with Raid Boss - Dranael , Kaechi , Typhoon , Tears ,


Baylor , Dariel , Epidos , Uruka , Beleth and many more.....




Team vs Team[TVT] ,


 Yogi enchanter , Vote event , GM events


With mobs:


Event medals (retailed with quest game) , Mantra ,


Alhemist key...


And many more in game good luck!



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08:05:47 11-08-2009


View Ratings when 1 clan kill aq and rin dont drop gm give them 4 ring...

when we kill and ring dont drop and we dont get aq and this is answer from gm




Is this Truth?

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