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NobLe take a break from watching treehouses at Tanzania, and take a look here.


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Well, here is a child flaming staff member (Cobra).


Here Cobra warns him in his way...



After much spamming, he is replying to Cobra.

Now, how I realise that he's replying to Cobra? Cuz Phoenix4 (who was the only one exept these 2 posting at that time) was talking alone (to hiself), so the only dialogue here was between the child and cobra.

Here's it's reply:



If you ban him, please delete his replies from the spam topic too ;s


And btw look at his avatar/signature too...



After taking action, I'll show you a special monkey here, which can talk with the treehouses ;)

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--} [Request] Client Mods Help (Eng) or maybe [Request] Dev Help [L2J] (Eng), I'm in doubts xD


Check it please,thx :) !

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