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Rates xp 500 sp 500 adena 500  balanced clases  enchant rate for armors and jewels 60% enchant rate for weapons 66%   max enchant for armors and jewelery +20 max enchant for weapons +22  npc buffer  gm shop  global gk




Players caught perching/sniping: 1st time = jail, 2nd time = delvl to lvl 40

- Respect all Staff.

- Do not impersonate staff.

- No bug exploiting (Buff stacking, walker): 1st time = Account/IP ban

- No using modifications or third party scripts/programs.

- Do not spam chat: continously spamming = chatban

- Do not ask to become a GM: continously asking = chatban

- You are not allowed to insult any Player or Game Master racial slurs = chatban, if u keep doing it = account ban


- Account Rules:

You are allowed to have 2 account per ip adress.

Dual-boxing is permitted, but only 2 accounts per IP(specific situations please post on forums). The use of L2Walker isnt allowed, if you’re caught using it, you will be jailed or banned, depending on the situation.

Sharing accounts is allowed at your own risk.

We do not restore lost or dropped items. The only items that will be restored are donator items in the event of a rollback or a wipe.


- PvP Rules:

This is a PvP-server, we do not police non-peace zone’s. With the exception of spawnkilling or griefbuffing.

PK’ing and PvP’ing is legal in combat zone’s. You are in a combat zone, as soon as you leave the spawnpoint when you’re outside a peace-zone.

If you see a player in a flagged state in the spawn area, you are allowed to PvP.


- Spawn Killing:

Spawn killing is legal if you move, use chat, use soulshots or any other activity which proves that you have finished loading.

Everyone who teleports to a new location is protected under the 30 second spawn killing rule.

When a player appears on your screen, you cannot attack them unless they show a sign of life for 30 seconds.

Its ALLOWED to spawnkill when clans are on CLAN WARS


- Bug Exploiting Rules:

There is a 2.1 bilion adena limit. If you go over it, you will loose it all.

Buffstackers will be banned immediately.


- Grief Buffing:

Grief buffing is allowed during a PvP (on purple players) and Clan Wars.





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# We are an FULL INTERLUDE server.


# Rates: XP 500x / SP 500x / Adena 500x / Spoil Rate 6x - Amount 5x / Drops 5x.





# Detailed list of changes below: (Last updated 10-Apr-2009)



# 100% working Interlude skills. (I mean 100%. All of them work, no exceptions)

# Interlude debuff slots fully working.

# Auto-learn skills.

# Max. level is 80 100%.

# Fully working Interlude Clan System. (everything works (100%)

# Working Interlude Backstab, Gladiator Skills, Cancel and more.

# Duel System fully working. (1v1 and Party Duel)

# Quickslots (3 bars) fully working.

# Interlude minimap working perfectly.

# Party member locator on chat menu fully working.

# Augmentation fully working.

# Interlude Battle Symbol skills fully working.

# No Clan Penalties.

# Improved custom raid bosses with custom drops.

# Subclasses.

# Noblesse.

# Olympiad fully working.

# Hero System and hero skills.

# Seven signs working 100%.

# Retail-like clan halls.

# Sieges 100%.

# First and Second class change marks sold in shops.

# Songs and dances in npc buffer 2 hours

# Prohet Buffs in npc buffer 15 min or caracter prophet buffs 2 hours

# Third class change NPC's.

# NPC buffers in Giran.

# General Buffs in NPC buffers.

# Giran shopping zone.



the infos of server...


pls fix your topic

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    • 1171 revision, just released   [*] Fixed olympiad damage [*] Fixed door issues [*] Fixed Dark vortex wrong stats [*] Fixed some items does not consume item [*] Fixed change pet name [*] Fixed simultaneous herbs while casting skills [*] Fixed core minions spawn on ground [*] Fixed database saves when have lazy item update true [*] Code organize and clean ups [*] Implement config to allow Community buffer inside instances [*] Fixed geodata doors, no more invalid cannot see target [*] Fixed q663 missing html [*] Fixed beleth sample thanks to l2j [*] Fixed some agro calls thanks to l2j [*] Fixed Summons max buffs [*] Fixed wrong fame increate while inside goddard town church [*] Correct some raidboss positions [*] Implement “big fortress” retail features for doors mechanism [*] Reworked item drops positioning [*] Implement find random position in geo engine [*] Implement retail feature monster race [*] Moved Enchant data xmls in separate folder (data/xml/stats/enchanting) [*] Fixed some casting times [*] Reworked auto restart system now its cron like check AutoRestart.ini for details [*] Fixed some flooding actions from geoengine [*] Implement ai system in order to organize script functions [*] Improve z calculation when correcting from geo engine [*] Implement missing skills [*] Implement missing items [*] Implement agathion energy retail function [*] Implement missing effects [*] Improve npc social actions for high populated servers [*] Improve npc random movements for high populated servers [*] Improve zig zag for monsters while attacking [*] Config to edit zig zag activation [*] Fixed von hellman boss respawn if server not restart daily [*] Fixed territory wars battle time, did not update if server not restart daily [*] Fixed monsters broken movement – attacking animations [*] Fixed missing broadcast for pets causing broken animations [*] Fixed – update some functions to be thread safe [*] Fixed wrong enchant values for cross bows [*] Fixed Q00625 The finest ingredient, did not spawn yetis table properly [*] Fixed Q00382_KailsMagicCoin [*] Fixed geoengine height checks when attack [*] Fixed treasure chests [*] Implement Unlock skill [*] Fixed pailaka injured dragon used static variables [*] Fixed Q00382 not give rewards [*] Fixed Droplist of some monstersRemoved logs [*] Fixed events not working afk system [*] Removed duplicate classes [*] Implement missing skills [*] Implement sub stuck system, thank you Milton [*] Fixed exploit with alt click on debuffs [*] Fixed id factory not restore pet data [*] Fixed Wrold info for conquerable halls [*] Fixed Block debuff effect not working for some debuffs which are only offensive skills [*] Update java buffer [*] Fixed hard coded values [*] Change game timer controller, every 5 – 10 seconds is enough [*] Fixed hall of suffering twins not dying [*] Fixed geo engine now allow fly in gracia areas [*] Optimize some codes not to spam db connections [*] Drop now used codes [*] Remove duplicate codes [*] Rework location now will not create objects per action [*] Remove some den of evil mob functions causing cpu go crazy [*] More retail like npcs and drops [*] Fixed blessing of queen and gift of queen wrong times [*] Missing configs for auto farmer [*] Update community buffer, now supports enchanted buffs for premium users [*] Fixed castle walls [*] Better geodata checks for doors   more to come, stay tuned If you are not already sunrise user, do not hesitate to register your account today! https://account.l2jsunrise.com/register
    • Some recent service updates:   174 - Instagram Views [Works on Normal/IGTV/Reels] [100M] [Instant - 10M/D] - $0.0012 2146 - TikTok Views [5M] [Instant - 1M/D] - $0.0014 1646 - TikTok Views [100M] [1H - 1M/D] - Price Decreased to $0.003 1647 - TikTok Views [10M] [Instant - 1M/D] - Price Decreased to $0.004 1658 - TikTok Views [100M] [Instant - 10M/D] - Price Decreased to $0.005 2148 - TikTok Likes [50K] [Instant - 3K/D] - $0.12
    • no. Im stupid. fixed.     public void setPolymorphInfo(CharSelectSlot polymorphInfo)     {         _polymorphInfo = polymorphInfo;                  for (WorldObject object : getKnownType(Player.class))         {             if (object instanceof Player)             {                 sendInfo(object.getActingPlayer());             }         }     } its not Object its WorldObject. There are more to fix. I will update the patch when im done for anyone interesting https://pastebin.com/MdMQdEwe    
    • You have more characters in the database with different pvp pk point?
    • Hello MxC! I am trying to adapt a event that every day will spawn a npc with the outfit of the top player. I managed to add the patch that i found but on aCis 401 that im using a lot of things are changes. I dont have any error but the npc doesn't appear as it has. here is the patch for what i did. https://pastebin.com/nnpTSaJ9  I think the problem is on this lines +    public void setPolymorphInfo(CharSelectInfoPackage polymorphInfo) +    { +        _polymorphInfo = polymorphInfo; +         +        for (L2Object object : getKnownList().getKnownObjects()) +        { +            if (object instanceof L2PcInstance) +            { +                sendInfo(object.getActingPlayer()); +            } +        } +    } this is from an older acis pack.   I did it like this:     public void setPolymorphInfo(CharSelectSlot polymorphInfo)     {         _polymorphInfo = polymorphInfo;                  for (Object object : getKnownTypeInRadius(Player.class, 2000))         {             if (object instanceof Player)             {                 sendInfo(((Player) object).getActingPlayer());             }         }     } if anyone can help i will apreciate it
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