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[Gracia Final L2j]L2 Revolt


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Dear Cheaters^^,i want to introduce this good server mid rate called l2 Revolt.Here are the Features


Fanelia Rates:

EXP: 35x

SP: 100x

Adena: 200x

Drop: 5x

Spoil: 5x


Autolearn Skills:

- No SP & spellbooks needed.

- Gain your skills by the level you reach.


NPC Buffers:

- Second profession buffs, dances and songs.

- Buffs/Dances/Songs last 1 Hour and 20 minutes.

- Renewal & Champion last 1 Hour and 20 minutes

- Third profession special buffs last 20 minutes | COV, Magnus, POW etc.

- Possibility to create an "AIO buffer" near the Subclass Changers.


Custom Currency System:

- In order to obtain high value items, one must hunt for Revolt Coins.

- Revolt Coins are obtainable in the Special Farming Zones.

- They are also obtainable from Revolt & Epic Bosses.

- A small amount of Revolt Coins is obtainable in the Boosted Zones

- Exchangeable at the Currency Exchanger in the main towns

- Also exchangeable at the various shops.


There are 3 different currency values

- Revolt Copper [Revolt Coin of Lower Value]

- Revolt Silver [Revolt Coin of Middle Value]

- Revolt Gold [Revolt Coin of Higher Value]



Subclass & Noblesse Quests:

- Global Gatekeeper teleports you to Master Reorin.

- Misc Shop Linnea sells all the Quest items for Subclass & Noblesse Quests.

- This does not mean that these quests come for free our without a fight.


Balanced Olympiad:

- Every weapon over the enchant +10 gets it's power decreased temporarily in olympiad as if it is a +10 weapon.

- Jewels and armors above +10 (which is rare) also follow this rule.

- Revolt & Titanium armors are not allowed in the Olympiad.

- Dynasty and the official Revolt Olympiad Armors are allowed in the Olympiad.

- Admins/GM observe olympiad to prevent feeding. DONT EVEN TRY IT !!!



Full-Equipped Newbie Characters:

- Fighters wear top No-Grade battle gear & Soulshots

- Mages wear top No-Grade battle gear & Blessed Spiritshots


Boosted EXP Zones:

- Attractive EXP Zones which give double the EXP.

- Boosted Adena and Revolt Copper drops.

- GM Protected Zones

- Follow the Global Gatekeeper zone descriptions


- Lv. 01-10 : Newbie Gremlin Zones

- Lv. 10-20 : Ruins of Agony

- Lv. 20-40 : Execution Grounds

- Lv. 40-52 : Cruma Tower 1st Floor

- Lv. 52-61 : Cruma Tower 2nd Floor

- Lv. 61-66 : Dragon Valley Caves

- Lv. 66-70 : Lair of Antharas - Heart

- Lv. 70-76 : Imperial Tomb


- Beware of PvP & PK

- All other locations like Forbidden Gateway, Blazing Swamp, Tower of Insolence, Varka, Ketra, Forge of the Gods etc. exist and give pretty good EXP also.



Special Farming Zones:


*Many Special Farming Zones available that require smart gameplay and teamplay.

*Plenty of Revolt Coins droppable.

*S-Grade weapons with SA droppable.

*Beware of PvP & PK.


Solo Zones:

- Monastery of Silence North & South

- Mithril Mines

- Chromatic Highlands A, B and C

- Spoiler's Paradise Dungeon


Party Zones:

- Monastery of Silence Deep

- Primeval Island [Hotspot A & B]

- Hellbound Island [soon to come]



Primeval Island:

- Currently the Main party location to be.

- The best Party location with high copper & weapons drop.

- Only location where Revolt Weapons are dropped.

- Filled with Raidbosses and T-rexes.

- Beware of PvP & PK


Spoiler's Paradise:

- Unique Spoilers & Crafters system.

- Side-Currency to the Revolt Coin Currency system.

- In order to obtain high value Tattoo-Accessories, one must hunt for Spoiler's Coins

- We try to ensure that every class fulfills it's purpose. So dear Spoiler/Crafter fans, this is your chance to prove what you're made of.

- You can exchange them at the Currency Exchanger


There are two different Spoiler's Coins:

- Spoiler's Copper [spoiler's Coin of Lesser Value]

- Spoiler's Gold [spoiler's Coin of Higher Value]


*For more info, click on the following link:

Spoiler's Paradise



Revolt Bosses:

- You will notice that the world of Revolt is filled with Custom Bosses.

- Raid some of the many Small, Medium, Large or Epic bosses in the game. Check our forum and you will know all you need to know [link for RB].

- Core, Orfen, Queen Ant, Zaken, Baium, Antharas Valakas and many more Epic Bosses are also available.



Revolt Shops & Stores


Linnea Misc Shop

Sabrina Armor Shop

Ragnos Special Shop

Luxury Trader [spoiler's Paradise]


Armors & Weapons


S-grade Weapons

Dynasty Weapons

Icarus Weapons

Dusk Sword & Staff

Revolt Weapons


S-grade Armors

Honor Armors

Revolt Armors

Titanium Armors




Automated TvT Event

Constant Events by the GMs

Simon says

Hide & Seek

Korean Style PvP

Team Style PvP

Free For All

Fun Events

Adena Art

Forum Events

... and much much more


the community is about 700 players-1000..depends by days,work etc u know..

i tried this server and i really like it,donation are not OP,i mean u cant donate for something that players cant obtain with farm..Just give it a try if u are looking for a custom mid rate(the exp isnt so low because there are exp boosted zones)


(I am not the admin,gm)



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