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[Gracia Final L2J] L2Galactica


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Server Gracia Final



* - XP Rate: 3000x

* - SP Rate: 3000x

* - Enchant Rate chance 70%, Max +20 (safe +4)

* - Blessed enchant scrolls 'S' grade will not remove your ++ in case of fail

* - Global Gatekeeper and "My teleports" system working

* - Gm Shops with balanced custom items and PvP Weapons/Armors

* - Infinity Weapons  can be enchanted and augmented

* - Attribute system (it is really working !....lvl 7 max to maintain pvp balance)

* - All skills working properly, 81-83 auto-learn

* - All skills enchant routes working properly, including for Kamaels

* - Lvl 85 subclass

* - Subclass certification working perfect

* - Buffer with improved buffs, personalized buff scheme and pet buff

* - 44 normal buffs + 24 Dances/Songs

* - Automated TvT-CTF-Raid Event-Crystals Event

* - Olympiad every 2 weeks (most balanced Olympiad with +4 items)

* - Full geodata & path-finding

* - 4 Castle for Siege - Rune , Aden, Goddard & Giran

* - Fortress working


game account: auto-create




* - Quad core 9550

* - 16 gb ram

* - 100 mb link

* - 320 gb hdd scsi



Enjoy !




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Even NPCs ain't workin' as they should, failserver.


newbie farm zone - I'm an mage, mobs hit me for 1k, I can barely kill one on my hp bar. How is non-ranged class supposed to start there?



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Hm...maybe you expect to make full train with mobs and in 2-3 days to have all full on you...for that i suggest you another server.

At 1000 adena all sets until vesper and all scrolls...i think it's just boring for you to enchant for minimum +4 and go for farm.

The server is well made with allot of thing but is not for '2-3 days players'...you must work in party and/or clan to have the best gear.

Btw...all mobs from server drop coins and it's very easy to farm them...just read the info when you enter on a server :)


Cheers !

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:) why you need to farm ? For a normal Vesper set you farm 3-4 h...then pvp :)


Yeah, it is there allot of custom stuff and you want them, well for that you need to farm and go to events or raid (there are allot of them).


I don't think there is a server with good stuff and you can take them in one day... ,if all have full gear in one week what to fight for then,where is the fun,server will be boring in max 2 weeks like that.


But for pvp, from start all items are very cheap and rates for enchant was changed too,so try and see :)

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Yeah you need fame to buy custom things...from pvp you get fame and in that way we avoid only farming, so i think its fair enough :)...

Custom items have better stats not 'High' stats...you don't become Superman when you get them :)


Try and see,


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again ucoz.shit :S when someone will make 1 good hr server? :S



good IL hr server!




are you kidding me? 3k people at ucoz site?? what da fack?

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again ucoz.shit :S when someone will make 1 good hr server? :S

No comment for you.


Server totaly sux only think is farming and for lvl81+83 skill same what the hell are that idea about call that pvp server just rename it too farm all ur life


What is in your idea a PvP server ...what it means ???

To enter on server ..get all gear free and then what ...?????

Fight for what...where is the pvp in your vision ?

If you don't want to fight and farm for good items then go and play chess man.Or go to LR where you farm for one recipe or one lvl weeks :)

Here you have a good reason to farm and make clan and other things...

We will see in the future ;)

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