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[Share]PHP tools,usefull for making a site.

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Well,everyone Admin want to have one good site for his server.

PHP,is one way to make it ^ ^

So here I share some PHP Tools.



Php Debugger:

PHP debugger provides a powerful and easy tool to help troubleshoot PHP scripts. It gives you complete visibility and control over the execution of PHP scripts, allowing you to execute PHP code line by line, and it doesn't require that you make any changes to your PHP code.




Php Profiler:

PHP profiler is a tool for helping you write faster PHP applications. Ever wonder which line of your PHP application code is the most time consuming? A PHP Profiler can also show you which part of your code is most frequently executed. Learn how a PHP Profiler is a must-have PHP tool because it presents all of this performance and benchmarking information in easy to read in a graphical form.





PHP Encoding Tools:


Tempering and unauthorized copying of PHP source code can be a serious problem for PHP developers. A Php Encoder converts the source code of PHP Script into compiled PHP bytecodes, making it an essential PHP tool for both accelerated runtime performance and security.





PHP Designer


PHP Designer is a visual PHP tool for browsing through PHP Classes, PHP Functions and other PHP objects, creating a visual presentation of the hierarchy of PHP objects.





Phing - a project build system


Phing LogoPhing is a project build system based on Apache ANT. The name is a recursive acronym, of sorts, that stands for PHing Is Not GNU make. Phing can do anything a traditional build system like GNU make can do, but without the steep learning curve.





Xdebug - debugger and profiler tool:


Xdebug LogoXdebug is a PHP extension that helps you debug and profile scripts. Among the most useful features of Xdebug are the new notice, warning, and error messages that are displayed after activation. If a script fails to execute properly, Xdebug will print a full stack trace in the error message, along with function names, parameter values, source files, and line numbers. A welcome feature for developers who are tired of the skimpy error reports from a default PHP install.





PHPUnit - unit testing framework:


PHPUnit logoPHPUnit is a lightweight testing framework for PHP. It’s a complete port of JUnit 3.8.1 for PHP5, and is a member of the xUnit family of testing frameworks (which are based on a design by software patterns pioneer Kent Beck).





Propel - object-relational mapping framework:


Propel LogoPropel is an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) framework for PHP5 that was originally based on the Apache Torque project. It provides a sophisticated, but easy to use database abstraction layer that allows you to work with database entities the same way you work with normal classes and objects in PHP. Propel allows you to define your database in a simple XML format which it uses to construct the database, and generate static classes for use in your application.




Eclipse PHP Package:

The PDT project provides a PHP Development Tools framework for the Eclipse platform. This project encompasses all development components necessary to develop PHP and facilitate extensibility. It leverages the existing Web Tools Platform (WTP) and Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK) in providing developers with PHP capabilities.



Waiting for more...^ ^




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And where i must put this php code?at index html or where?that is kinda confused  :-\


I think that you have to upload an PHP file,I don't know if it will work at HTML.


Better wait for Leeroy to answer you,he is more pro than me at PHP.




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Sry for double post again.


Post Updated:

Eclipse PHP Package download link ^^



Searching for more tools.


If there is any other that is not listed,pm me with the link to list it.Ty!

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