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[Gracia Final L2J] GvE New


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First of all, like you have allready read, THIS IS NOT THE SAME USUAL LINEAGE 2 you've known for all these years.


We mean Lineage II is an awesome game and all but we took it to the next level!


This is a new, more fun and exciting style of Lineage II gameplay we are trying to pass!


With endless hours of core development we have finally made our fantasies and ambitions true!


So here are some basic information about our server:


~Server Machine:


6G RAM ,


54 Mbps Internet Connection ,


Intel Core 2 Duo,


Linux Ubuntu XServer Edition.



~Unique Gameplay information:


As you can see by the server's name, the server is all about Good versus Evil.


Imagine like two teams/factions


Races for 'Good team' are : Human,Elf,Dwarf.


Races for 'Evil team' are : DarkElf,Kamael,Orc.


When you login into the server you are Good or Evil automatic .


Good team's Colorname : Blue , Evil team's Colorname : Red.


Good team's Title : Good , Evil teams's Title : Evil.


Every team has a starting place!


Starting place for Good team is in Hunters Village.


Starting place for Evil team is in Orc village.




No one can hit his teammate:


For example, a Good player can not hit another Good Player.


When Someone hits an enemy does not get pvp flag.


And when he kills him he gets PK But no karma!


That means that when you see an enemy you can kill him immidiately.


Also when you kill an enemy you get:


1 Adena and depending on the grade of equipment you are wearing,1 scroll of enchant armor and 1 scroll of enchant weapon


wich have an equal Grade with your equipment!




You start as 85 lvl.


There are no adena drops.


There are no buffers ( wich means that you have to make your buff bot).


There's a custom GK.


You buy equipment with the adena earned in combat (kill enemy ) from custom Shop. (B grade is free).


Good/Evil interactions:


You can't attack an enemy inside a town.


You can't do anything friendly to an enemy.Wich means that,


You can't buff an enemy


You can't invite an enemy (party,clan,ally)


You can't trade an enemy


You can't add an enemy as a friend.



~Rates and general info:


Current Client: Gracia Final!


x45 EXP


x45 SP


x0 Adena


x0 Drops


Enchant : 80% Rate. Enchant is Unilimited.


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i joined the server and i can tell that the server is a big fail. sory forthat but it is the true. Very stupid NPC buffer that is in every l2j pack. GM shop that is in every server, DUALBOX, unbalanced classes, all towns are piece zones, no faction gk, no factions (like taking towns/areas under good/evil control). i have nothing to say more.

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