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[Guide]Recipes mats apo ta 6-49 lvls


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Create by bozZita


Oi pio simadikes sidages gia kathe crafter...

To guide einai mono me spoil gia spoiler


Leather-->Kaboo orc (6lvl) --> Elven forest [elven village]

Coarse bone powder (8lvl)-->Western Mining zone [Dwarven village]

Steel-->Goblin lookout (8lvl)-->Dark forest [Dark elven village]

braided hemp-->Goblin scout (8lvl)-->Obelisk of victory[Talking island village]

Cokes-->Kuruka Ratman (16lvl)-->Cave of trials [Orc village]

Synthetic Cokes-->moonstone Beast (17lvl)-->Neutral Zone[Dark evlen village]

Compound Braid-->Scarlet salamander (17lvl)-->Cave of trials[Orc village]

Cord-->Tainted Zombie (18lvl)-->School of dark arts[Dark evlen village]

Silver mold-->Scavenger bat (18lvl)-->Ruins of despair [Gludio]

Varnish of purity-->Lirein Elder (19lvl)-->Altral of rites[Dark elven village]

High Grade Suede-->Lycanthrope (20lvl)-->Neutral zone[Dark elven village]

blacksmith's frame-->Marsh stakato soldier (33lvl)-->Cruma marslands[Dion]

Metallic Fiber-->Ant Warrior Captain (36lvl)-->Ant nest [Gludio]

Maestro Anvil lock-->Hatar Hanishee (49lvl)-->War-Tor plains[Aden]

Maestro Mold --> Tarlk Bugbear High warrior (49lvl)-->Outlaw forest [ivory tower]


Elpizw na voithisa kapious spoilers i crafter oste na min tiraniounte se sites kai se alla pragmata gia na vroun tis sideges

episeis ta mobs afta exoune tis pio megales pithanotites na pesoun oi sidages :)

An exw ksexasei kati pite to

Update tha ginonte sixna



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ne omos mas sta lei kanonika ara ti na pedebese pmfun enan ena na bris blepis apo edo

lol , δηλαδή το θεωρείς δύσκολο να κάνεις search στο Pmfun π.χ  Recipe: Soulshot: S Grade ;

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lol , δηλαδή το θεωρείς δύσκολο να κάνεις search στο Pmfun π.χ  Recipe: Soulshot: S Grade ;

no re c file alla to pedi edo edose ena guide osi asxolounte me maxcheaters tous helpari
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