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[Help] Crash server

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Hello, i whant to learn how to crash servers l2j. So big boys up there with big brains. Can u point me to direct direction? I dont realy know something about it. If u give me some links and explain a little bit il be glad to hug you  ;D

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I just remember this 2




For this one you need 400 posts (its for Interlude)




Btw learn about sql injections, they are really usefull to lag-crash server.

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GrisoM can you tell me what program i need and version (sql)  for interlude server to crash? i am reading something about remote execution with sql injection and there is riting

4.0 How do I get remote execution with SQL injection?


Being able to inject SQL command usually mean, we can execute any SQL query at will. Default installation of MS SQL Server is running as SYSTEM, which is equivalent to Administrator access in Windows. We can use stored procedures like master..xp_cmdshell to perform remote execution:


'; exec master..xp_cmdshell 'ping'--


Try using double quote (") if single quote (') is not working.


The semi colon will end the current SQL query and thus allow you to start a new SQL command. To verify that the command executed successfully, you can listen to ICMP packet from, check if there is any packet from the server:


#tcpdump icmp


and other stuff. can i test on any web this kind of stuff?

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The sql injections have many aplications, now i am going to sleep, tomorrow i will give you by pm a simple guide (with program included) about sql injections ok?

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