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[PHX][Trick] Armor || [Guide] How to bypass PHX protection


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Yes, it's me again with one more trick for L2 Evo Server good for those who have chars who need Light Armors.


Let's see what I mean this time...


In this server at the moment there are 3 Special Armors:

1. Sacrifice Armor

2. Platinum Armor

3. Gold Armor (Vesper)


Before some weeks, I guess, there was one more armor, the Dynasty.

They removed it and they added the Sacrifice instead, which is hard to farm if we contrast them.


Items required for Dynasty Armor:

10 Gold Bars

1000 Torches

1000 Ice Cold Flowers


If you check you will see that it's was the easier to farm. So, if you are new here and you don't want to wear Draconic or you don't have time to farm that much to take the other armors, here is the solution for you!


1. Log on the server with PHX injected.

2. Be sure that you have the required items.

3. Target the Special Shop.

4. Go to the "Send Packets" tab and send this:


A7 8C 1A 00 00 40 0D 03 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00


Send it and viola! Dynasty armor in your inventory, even if it doesn't exists anymore in any shop!





I hope you like it!


P.S Dynasty Armor is also good.

P.S2 Soon I will try to find the right packet for Heavy and Robe armor.





Ok, now I will show you how to bypass the Evo's PHX protection since some guys requested it.


Let's start!


1. Open Evo's system.

2. Make visible the hidden objects.

3. Find "nophx.dll" and delete it.

4. Delete l2.exe

5. Download the rar below.

6. Extract it in Evo's system.

7. Log in.





Note: Remember to add the l2.exe of the .rar which I shared here.

If you try to run Evo's l2.exe you will get an error, so follow my steps.

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server is getting owned xD thanks for share ;p

That's true... For me it's a test server from so on... xD

I have discovered a lot of tricks/exploits there!



Ty a lot dude.

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i banned 1000 times from evo and i bored to fishing proof

Same here.

That's why I use this.


This is the hidden content, please

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what means "bypass"?


First of all you don't have the post count you need to have in order to see this topic so here goes another -1 for you.


Also refrain from posting useless posts or I can asure you that you'll be banned.


Use translator to get what bypass is.

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