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Game [Updated]


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When / If you read all this tell me is it good idea ;) Thanks for reading!

If you have any ideas about Game name or any other ideas in gameplay post and i will add your idea aswell!



The Game would play many people (I hope so)


- Empire vs Empire ( 20 Empires @ start of the game,Big map included so there is space for all 20 empires + New empires that will be built )

- 20 or 30 players are kings of the whole empire and whole army that empire have (King Of everything inside empire including empire itself)

- Empire Leaders (Kings) Would be selected randomly when the game would be opened (Official Runned) and they will get a random property size and position (Mountains,Fields,Islands)... Later they can attack other empires and get a new territories.

- If you ask yourself: "Some n00b can be selected instead of me,pro" The answer is: Dont worry,if enemys empire fails (Means your empire takes all propterty of "noob's" empire and if you were in empire that beated the "noob's" empire you can easily,if you are rich,start to create your own army,hire bandits that will robe traders on road (Get the money),so when/if you finally get a very big amount of money you can create ur own empire and tell other players (citizens and soldiers inside your "previous empire",Empire that beated "noob's" empire,empire that you were in) to come and join your new small empire,you can tell your previous empire's bad things,like: "King of your empire takes much money from you for taxes and bills,i wont,come and join my empire,taxes and bills will be lower!


*For those who dont understand my "Bad English": You can create your own empire if enemy's / your empire fails (Fails= Economyc Crisis destroy the country,Other empire destroy the country...)

*- Be very rich so you can buy some military,bandits -> Train them and set as your empire army, and finally start your own empire (Start your own empires means have all the conditions and have money to build a castle or a small city where will be a capital of your empire)


*- Have at least 100 players that will follow you (Want to join Your new empire),not including buyed people that you will train and set as your army.




-> Like Age of Empires III for example, Just King cant create people,people would start the game and choose what would they be,there wont be fire weapons (AK-47 lol,guns),Only Swords,Blunts,Bows,Shields and other Old weapons,Would be detailed,towns will look like in Assassin's Creed (But smaller),The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion,Just every NPC in those 2 games will be players :)


Everything like in life of ancient Empires of Europe!


If you red some books like Alexender the great or Spartans etc you will know what am I talking about...


I will Updated some more ideas when i remember. Bold and red marked lines are [New] Lines.


< : Updated Info : >


- There would be bandits also,like slaves who escape from enemy's city and council,but they would be hard watched by the guards,Bandits could robe the traders on well known and big roads from city to city.

- Every Commander and Leader of Small group of soldiers will get better pay then ordinary soldiers (Normal soldier who is good in battle and survived few battles will get a small promotion from King > Main Leader of Army,means that he will get better horse,weapon,and a couple of good soldiers behind him to protect him and follow him to the death)

- Every man would pay taxes,bills only if he have house,about 500 Golden coins per 2 weeks for taking a part of city (Like in Real life,but here wont be electric bill and phone bill cause there wasnt any Electricety or Phones in that times)

- Ordinary citizens can open their business,for example they can be traders,they can open grocery shops,bakery,they can be blacksmiths,doctors,Makers...

- Every a bit rich or very rich trader or ordinary citizen will buy a few Guards to walk with him if/when he travel,to protect him from bandits,wild pigs,wolfs and creatures in/on forests/road.

- Army of wining empire can take enemy's (Survived enemy after battle) and take them to council and make a slaves of them,You wouldn't be able to delete char when you become slave,you can create only 1 char.

- There wouldnt be HP points like in other mmo rpgs,in this game fully protected man with the best equipment can take only 2 arrows,if he got hitted by 3 arrows he will die,of course better solders like Grand Army Leader and Commanders will be strong in duel so dont attack them,if you are low protected archer with rusty bow and arrow you wont damage Commander or Army Leader,Commanders can die only from High and the Best equipped solders like from enemy's Grand Army Leader and commanders.You cant buy high and the best equipment you will get it as gift from King of Empire for doing something,like beat a commander in 1vs1 duel (Happens very rare - 3% chance to beat a Commander | 0.50% to beat Grand Army Leader)

- There wouldnt be skills too,the war wouldn't be all in this game,so there is a reason for non detailed war (Meaning: No Skills,Combos and other)

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