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Here is a new game after some months on beta now is LIVE!!! it is a cartoon game from EA have tone of players (about 1 million) and is too lol game!!! It is free and need about 15' to download it(1024mbps),just go to the site register and press play now,everytime u can join in the site and press play now to login

if u have any problem with connection on game or punkblaster or something else just post or send me a pm to help you!!


join on!!!

You can find me in Game as Blimbloom on National Faction!!!

the gameplay is like COD and CS!

Believe me,is too cool game,i spend in 4 days 34hours on this game :D


here is a good video from a random guy

the class on video call commando,he can use sniper,knife and pistols and he can use stealth,that makes him invisible till shoot or hit, but u can bring in game only 2 weapons for example sniper & knife!

that guy used only knife & pistol,enjoy it!


btw guys tell me if u are intresting to make a group(clan) of MXC forum

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the game is rox!

Playing about 1 mllion ++ and is still on beta (open beta for all and free)

new maps,features etc will be add!!

Just enjoy it!

+1 its rulez!!
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hope you like it

i fall in love with that game ::)

the bad thing is that it has low community of greeks

i have met only 4-5 greeks.

the biggest community is:








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