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interlude [L2OFF IL]L2Royal


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i'd like to invite you in our server. ( There's already a topic about this server , however since i'm using a new account i' am making this fresh topic to be able to update it)


Anyways, here we go.



Server Rates


80x Exp

80x SP

400x Adena

Retail Enchant Rates






Lineage ][ Royal Server Features



L2OFF Fully Interlude Server

ALL of the Interlude skills working

One Shopping Zone:

Giran Town

GM Shops

NPC Buffer

Buffs/Dances/Songs Last 1 Hour +

3rd buffs such as CoV Last 1 Hours+

Ancient Adena Farming System

Two Custom Farming Zones:


Custom Items:

Royal Armor (Aka Tit)

Increased Weight Limit To Every Class

Balanced Classes

Global Gatekeeper To Every Town

No Clan/Ally Penalties.

Cursed Weapons Working.

Reputation Points / Academy.

Interlude Clan/Ally, Ranks & Clan skills system

2 Weeks Olympiad

Most of the Quest Items Sellable at Shop

Frintezza Working

Active Staff Becouse We Care !

Auto Learn Skills

No Corruption

Balanced Donations.

Well Working Geodata

Working Clan Halls

Hot Springs Debuffs.

Weekly Sieges

Class Changer

Boosted Hero Weapons

And Tones of more awesome stuffs!







Server Hardware


Our Server is located in the USA, Dallas, TX.

Intel Core2Quad Q9400


2x 500GB SATA

100mbps Uplink






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