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WTS L2 I N C [D E S P A R I O N]

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i want to sell my account on there, or if you dont want char can buy all my items and i'll give you the account anyway and take it all yourself


i have 30 accounts on desparion in total:


chars: sagittarius with most +20 enchanted skills +26 stun shot

storm screamerx2 with also +20 or something enchanted skills


Dynasty PVP set +30 have 2 chest piece, bow master pvp+30 and weapon master pvp +30 all lv5 attribute

Dynasty bow+30 passive p.atk lv4 attribute

Vesper pvp bow+30 passive p.atk lv4 attribute

Dynasty Robe wizard set+30

Dynasty robe set+20

some spare +16 parts

Icarus spirit+20 passive pdef lv4 attribute

Icarus spirit+30 active m.atk lv4 attribute

Icarus spirit+30 passive m.atk lv4 attribute

2x Ziggo gem

full boss jewel set +30, zaken+22

another valakas+30

more +16 boss jewels, 2x +18 antharas

30k fa


if want everything i expect price about 400euros

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