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[Eng][Help] Itemname-e editing

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Hi guys, i was trying to edit some stuff in my itemname-e, (interlude) and i keep getting errors saying it cant be encrypted again and i've tryed almost evrything and i still didnt manage to make it work. I just changed a grade and s grade set names, and added some new sets aswell, althought i get an error when encrypting it again.




could some1 help me?

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u saved it on 413 version? u tried file edit? maybe the items that u add are from other chronicle?


ye i saved 413 with and without file edit, itemname is just an item name, there are no name chronicles. i cant even encrypt the file:P

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no, u need to adapt them to your chronicle to be saved normal..


Its an ID for an armor i made, but its textures from normal s and a grade, should work fine. simply added IDs and names. it should be possible to encrypt, and if it wasnt a match for interlude it wouldnt work, but still would encrypt right?

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