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hello all, is there any pvp pk list or npc for l2j gracia final ?

Its not hard to make 1..select an NPC,go to navicat see the ID of the NPC..go to html/default find the npc's id and start make your top players list etc...

example: NPC Name: Nephilim,NPC's ID:666.Navicat>Database>NPC>Nephilim>Title Top Players.Gameserver/Data/html/Default/666

<html><title>Top Players</title>



<font color="996633">=*Top 5 Players*=</font><br><br><br>

<font color="990066">1.Ambulance</font><br><br>


<font color="FFCC00">2.XiXSpiRoSFeaRXiX</font><br><br>


<font color="CC3300">3.SweetMe</font><br><br>


<font color="CC3333">4.SailorMoon</font><br><br>


<font color="3399FF">5.BlaCkLegiOn</font><br><br>


<td><button value="Go Back" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Chat 4" width=75 height=21 back="L2UI_ch3.Btn1_normalOn" fore="L2UI_ch3.Btn1_normal"></td><br>




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Traffic he means an automated query.

giannakislol you have to make a query and make a for statement where you create each HTML line. You might wanna index it too otherwise it WILL create lag.

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