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[Guide]Pos na ftiaksete to npc me dikiasas emfanisi

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Geia sas pedia..Edw tha dhte pos na kanete gia paradigma tin arxikh gatekeeper se morfh Zaken..A kai kati alo sry ean exei gini post apla tovala gia tous newbie


Bhma 1o Spawn Zaken


Bhma 2o Shift kai click ston zaken .Edit npc


Bhma 3o Dite to Template Id tou


Bhma 4o Anoixte Navicat-DB


Bhma 5o Phgente Sto Table Npc


Bhma 6o Vrite to Template Id tis gatekeeper sas


Bhma 7o Valteto to Template Id Tis gatekeeper sto Template id tou zaken


Bhma 8o Restart Server kai einai etoimo

Edw Exw merikes photo http://rapidshare.com/files/257189734/Shot01044.jpg.html



              Ean dn doulepsi piteto mou emena doulepse xwris problem's


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Oreos Kalh Prospa8eia Gia Arxh Anti Na Bazeis Tis Photo Sto RapidShare Mporeis Na Tis Anebaseis Edw http://imageshack.us , http://tinypic.com

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