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[HELP] atak /casting speed problem



hi ppl , i am new here , so i need some help from you ...here is my problem :

i use Hellbound Costum Pack By -=TexasJunior=- ;

all works fine except the fact that atak speed / casting speed is veery low ...like max 700 at lvl 85 with full buffs , and another BIG problem is that atak/casting speed is not influenced by the set i equip ,

what i mean is...archer completele naked have 700 atak speed , and archer with full dynasty light set have 700 atak speed .... (BTW , atk spd IS influenced by weapon atak speed type...slow , fast etc. also for mages acumen SA affects casting )


pls if someone can help me i will be very aprecied. Thanx for u`r time .

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i am sorry that i dont remember where exactly this file is in hellbound... i'm working on gracia final now, but is somewhere around.. search for this lines in gameserver\config


# Maximum character Attack Speed.

# Default: 1500

MaxPAtkSpeed = 1500                    ----------> here u put your value


# Maximum character Cast Speed.

# Default: 1999

MaxMAtkSpeed = 1999                    -----------> same here



try to found this(it may be set at 700 in your server). i hope it will work for u

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