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[Share]WOW Mangos Compiled Win32 7483 + ScriptDev2 Rev 915 + Patch


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Mangos Compiled Win32 by KAPATEJIb 7483 + ScriptDev2 Rev 915


- Mangos for 3.0.9 WoW - The Burning Crusade version

IMPORTANT! Sure to put the SQL patches folder Important!!!


The patches used in the last assembly


1. Chatlog & Lexics Cutter v1.1.12b (maintenance logs chat antimat)

2. Modify scale fix (allowing the team to stand up to the size x15)

3. Auto Broadcast (the system automatically adds your ad)

4. Stealth Removing (correct lifting invisibility damage)

5. Sacrifice fix (fixes work spella)

6. MySQL Reconnect (rekonnekt allows the base to a loss of connection)

7. Steady Shot (fixes additional damage from spella)

8. Spell Disabled (allows you to disable spelly)

9. Miss Combat fix (fixes a hang mobov)

10. Creature Honor Kill fix (fixes a number of Honor for bosses capitals)

11. Holy Nova Heal (correct treatment spella)

12. Walking (fixes a bug with switching on the walk)

13. Lowie Buff (fixes work bafov)

14. Call Assist (Corrects attack friendly mobov)

15. Barskin (fixes work spella)

16. Gobject Loot (Corrects preserving instances when opening objects)

17. Stuns in Flight (fixes a bug with teleports the player to the end point of flight if he had received Stun)

18. Disengage (fixes work spella)

19. Attack Speed Mods (fixes work spellov)

20. Some BT Spells fix (fixes work spellov)

21. Devastate (fixes work spella)

22. Devour Magic (fixes work spella)

23. Mark Of Kaz'rogal (fixes work spella)

24. Pet Experience (Corrects experience in petov)

25. Arcane Charges (fixes work spella)

26. Druid Energy (fixes work spellov)

27. Instrument prevent Freeze (temporary fix Friesians server)

28. Immunity on BG (correct selection of the flag at the BS with some effects)

29. Instance Crash fix (fixes one of the reasons for dropping the server)

30. Dispel (fixes work spella)

31. Stop Moving (fixes moving corpses mobov)

32. Jail (implements prison work)

33. Charge (fixes work spella)

34. Autoreg (allows to include an automatic registration)

35. Summon Type 429 (corrects work spellov)

36. Taunt (fixes using spella petami)

37. Hot Steak & Firestarter (Corrects stak spellov)

38. Allow Only One Ability (fixes work spellov)

39. Trade Enchants (implements creation enchant scrolls)

40. Overkill (fixes work spella)

41. Multilate (fixes work spella)

42. Divine Hymn (fixes work spella)

43. Aspect of the Viper (fixes work spella)

44. Cleanup (remove old code)

45. Pain and Suffering (fixes work spella)

46. Improved Fear (fixes work spella)

47. Cleanup 2 (remove the old code)

48. Gryph of Dispel Magic (fixes work spella)

49. Warlock Pet (automatically corrects study spellov petami)

50. Heroic Fury (fixes work spella)

51. Speed Cheat fix (anti-cheat)

52. Guardian Spirit (fixes work spella)

53. Spell Miss (Corrects mapping misses from spells)

54. Death Coil (fixes work spella)

55. Alterac Valley (sells the work of BG)

56. Spell Hit Cap (Corrects the system hits)

57. Death Grip (fixes work spella)

58. Reset Profession fix (correctly deletes a specific professions)



1. Teleguy v0.4b (adds a script to teleport master)

2. Al'ar (adds a script to boss)

3. Supremus (fixes work boss)

4. Tainted Core (correct use of objects)

5. Nightbane (boss adds to the script)

6. WotLK Taxi (fixes the new taxi)

7. Zal'Aman (adds scripts for bosses)

8. Utgarde Keep (adds scripts for bosses)

9. Sunwell Plateau (adds scripts for bosses)


Code: [select] [Check Download Links]http://rapidshare.com/files/219117109/World_Of_Warcraft_Mangos_Compiled_Win32_7483_ScriptDev2_Rev_915___Patch.7z






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