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Some thoughts about memory editing...

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I was ...playing around with Lineage2 (connected to a server) and TSearch ( Download link here ) a similar program to ArtMoney and I found some intresting (at least) results. But let me explain to you in more depth.


I keep finding the SAME ALLWAYS address in memory where client stores info. If you open inventory it holds the ammount of adena you have. If you buy or sell something it holds the ammount of the item you buy or sell etc etc. There are also 2 memory addresses that the client stores the amount of adena you currently have but these addresses are dynamicaly changing (close and reopen inventory and addresses are wrong) but they are uselless anyway because the ammount of adena you currently own is server side work. I have changed them and my client sows the number I changed (from 500 to 5.000.000 :D ) but if you try to buy/sell/drop the number restores to the correct ammount! I have also found a memory address that it is NOT changing and it is the address that holds the number of items when you buy or sell stuff that is stackable. (If you try to buy ss a small dialog box opens and you enter the number of ss you want to buy. That number is in the memory address I am talking about). I can change all of my stats like patk pdef etc but the change is ONLY client side, when I hit a monster they all change back to ...normal. I have saved tables (the format TSearch uses) and I can explain to anyone how can be done upon request.


Please keep in mind that everything is done sever-side, client accepts data and sends requests to the server. This is my conclusion after using TSearch. Don't start flamming: "It doesnt work!!" :roll: But it would be really intresting to see if there is a way to use memory tweeking client-side.




Moderators please read


I dont want to flood the forum with pictures or endless text. If you think (Maxtor diavazeis? :) ) it is usefull I will do it ...but only with your permission.




Thank you in advance!






TSearch is freeware! And it has some ...cool fucntions! Internal HexEditor - DMA (Dynamic Memory Allocation) workaround and more... Btw DMA is the thing I am currently working because L2 client changes the memory addresses dynamicaly...






Forgive my bad English (it is not my native language)

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With the way you are trying about changing the amount of adena...this only changes viewable results on client.




Btw here is a video with DMA how to:


http://www.ghu.as.ro/ghtuts/divines1.rar (DMA infos with TSearch)




You should find a way to edit infos before they send it to socket.


Some usefull links that might help you:




http://www.vbforums.com/showthread.php?t=379855 (custom Wpe)


http://www.winsockvb.com/article.php?article_id=1 (Infos about Winsocket)

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LOL ... I dont wanna be a part of R.C.C (Russian Cheaters Community) but a little help to the right direction would be enough... I want to find it my self and I dont have anything with Russians (on of my best friend is from Russia).






I can make a fake image in Photoshop in about 10 mins. Is yours a fake? I am a little bit sceptic here...

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  • 2 weeks later...
I't your business =) The screenshot is real




First part:








Read for HP and MP regen...




lol! Nice btw. Is there anyways you can translate it for us English ppl ? I do know its a lot of work so its ok if you don't want.

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2 Diji:




Using that patch of "Hint" (cost 15 WMZ = 15 USD), you can create a char with any appearance and any FIRST profession (like Orc-Spoiler, Dwarf-Mage etc.)


Side effect - HP and MP don't regenerate




Proffesions one can choose:


1. Human Fighter


2. Human Mage


3. Elven Fighter


4. Elven Mage


5. Dark Fighter


6. Dark Mage


7. Orc Fighter


8. Orc Mage


9. Dwarven Fighter


It's IMPOSSIBLE to create Dwarf-Human Knight/Orc Raider




"Hint" can create such a char at ANY server for 4 WMZ (USD)






Such a char has problems with skills lerning - it's not accepted by any NPC. To lern skills you should use anothe BUG - it costs 15 WMZ and in addition to first price (this is because this second BUG can be used NOT ONLY IN THIS SITUATION).


Anyway mages have skills "Wind Strike" and "Self Heal" from begining.




..... in brief )

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