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  1. No, it's not about free time. I fixed it for myself a few monthes ago ^) Needed for my project (http://l2on.net/en/)
  2. http://forum.zone-game.info/showthread.php?t=24654 (on russian, so google translate) Patched l2asm and l2disasm: http://hauthd.org/files/l2disasm_patched.zip Fixed errors: Read CNT in MESHTEX3 field 'm_HumnFigh_add' too high. Internal soft mesh or tex limit for MTX[123] field 'm_HumnFigh_add' set too high or to zero.
  3. 1. Not for l2j 2. Works with C4 PTS
  4. There is a gm command '//who', that shows info about L2Server. This script allows to view such info without any gm/admin privileges (you just must know server's ip).
  5. http://evermore.ru/who/ <?php if (!IsSet($ip)) die('IP required'); if (!IsSet($port)) $port=7777; $fs=@fsockopen($ip,$port) or die('Sock ERROR'); $pck=pack("vCi",6,0,-3); fwrite($fs,$pck); $r=fread($fs,73); fclose($fs); $a=unpack("vsize/Cid/iworld/imax/icurrent/iplaying/istore",$r); echo "SYS: current({$a[current]}), playing({$a[playing]}), private store({$a[store]}), max({$a[max]})\n"; ?>
  6. Just download last version: http://msfu.net.ru/download/download.php?fn=lineage/hLaPEx.rar&l=e This script works on L2C4 PTS
  7. put on demons set reade memory take off demons set read memory set to 0 not a hack All servers have a fix from Demons set
  8. That doesn't works =) Use special patches
  9. No, you can't pick up invisible item with Client. L2Client ignore all item's with unknown ID. 90% of Russian Free Servers use this type of protection.
  10. You wrong =) Maddaemon's tool was second. My HTML Viewer (see jpg screenshot)
  11. Download (DEMO version only for L2Walker 10.4.9): http://msfu.net.ru/download/download.php?fn=lineage/pick_demo.rar&l=e Forum: http://msfu.net.ru/exbb/topic.php?forum=22&topic=2 --- That doesn't works
  12. The site is temporarily inaccessible (problems with hosting)
  13. This video was published in undeground and author doesnt want to sell his program... that's why Phoenix is not interested to make fake video... IMHO sry 4 ter eng