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  1. and where i find it to change it? is a txt or something? btw i want to change the system so i can login to another server!
  2. i got the wrong protocol version problem for high five, my server use 273 but i only found here the 268 pacthed system. any idea where to find any patched system with 273 protocol version?
  3. great work m8 but did your system includes spoil addon?
  4. Awesome CE! Can you upload it to another site?
  5. same here if enyone knows something plz share it :D
  6. apla thelw na to spasw to bourdeloooooo den kanei login k oxi giati faitei o oracle alla kapoia mlkia paizei sta settings pou mallon kanw lathos. k megalo euxaristw gia to share :D
  7. Katarxas perastika.. k 2ov to protocol einai to swsto k to allazw mia apo 83 se 87 k pali to idio... to IG den kanei verify me opoio apo ta system sou mas exeis dwsei... ekana vima vima ta ms loopback k tcptunnel :(
  8. 23:53:27 »¶Σ­ΚΉΣΓΠΠΥί΅£ 23:53:27 Link LoginServer Succeed. 23:53:57 ->Login LoginServer Timeout. kamia idea gia auto edw? server
  9. does this fixing the packet error that l2w recieve ? and how to do it cause i dont know how to use it :)