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  1. anyone ? :D i got one for C3... does anyone has the C4 file ? thank you guys
  2. hey Rap, why replace ? my files are all good... its the same from the tutorial. i replaced the .htm files... like the tutorial.
  3. impossible ? nothing is impossible ;) maybe its only hard to do :D well.. i cant eheh
  4. hey people, maxtor... I tried the help.htm hack.. i think it´s fixed on L2extreme... but.. i don't even see the menu. all files are correct (L2.exe, NWindow.dll, Egine.dll). the game works, open. that's what appear on the game: is it normal ? patched ? thanks...
  5. ok, i'm a noobie... what can i do with L2Walker ? it will helpme with what ? i've seen a lot of posts about.. and doesn't say what it can do for me... i mean.. what can any bot can helpme on the game ? really... i don't know. thanks.
  6. thanks, sorry about that. it will be nice to have something to replicate one adena command... :( nobody tought about it ? or never tried ?
  7. i was reading about the packet editing stuff on the net, i'm trying to replicate the packet when i get some adena. but it always crash my game when i replicate it... anyone can helpme about it ? thanks :D