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  1. Yes, well. It doesn't help you very much.. Though you think "50%" has a pattern, in reality it does not. Your weapon has a chance to fail even after succeeding 10x in a row. It's all about the flip of a coin...
  2. Alright I came across this the other day I dunno if its much use but ill post it You have to be at the enchant token guy 1)Buy a scroll of enchant and put it on your hot bar 2)Open the npc window on the Token guy and choose Trade enchant scroll for Enchant Token but dont trade it yet 3)Open your inventory and drag the Npc window over it 4)Now hit the fkey you assigned the scroll to then trade the scroll for the token then just choose what item you wanted to enchant and then you have a fake enchant Alright well enjoy it if its any use to you
  3. Does it work w/ armor also? I've done your steps and I don't see how this is any different from normal enchanting x.x. Item still disappears (Forever) if it fails.