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[SHARE] Some Useful Programs..


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So, I am going to post all the hacks that are available for lineage 2 at the moment along with a link to download and a short description. If I forgot any hack tool just post it and I will be adding it to the first post.




It is a program to check if the server you are playing is online.






Lineage Utils

A program so you can edit the lineage 2 game.






Microsoft NET Framework 2.0

Very famous utility of Microsoft. You will need it in order to have a correct work with the hacks.





Program which removes the lag when you have two windows of the game open. Extremely useful when you make DualBoxing.




Lineage 2 Informer 1.3

A tool of Lineage 2, L2Informer.





Program which shows the Health Points of the target, its level, equipment, stats, map with all the players and npc on it( and stuff) and a useful clock.


How to Use It:

How to use:

1. Run hInGame.exe

2. Run L2.exe

3. Log in game


Additional information:

* With a double click program rolled in tray

* Almost all the windows are present context menu

(use the right mouse button)

* Ctrl + F12 turns customer

Attention! Using hInGame, it is necessary to convert Lineage in windowed mode! To do so, (3 options):

1. In a label on L2.EXE in the "Object" add "-windowed" (must have something arj [ "C: L2SystemL2.exe"-windowed). If the game gets in the box, then go to the second item.

2. In L2.INI under [WinDrv.WindowsClient] set values:

StartupFullscreen = False

UseWindowFrame = False

3. l2.ini extract in a folder system; l2.ini edit, changing ServerAddr ( to IP your server (section URL)

(regardless of the option selected, set expansion in the game equal size of your desktop)



The most famous hack program on lineage 2 which was created by h1nt. It sends and receives packets from the server and vise versa.


How To Use It:

1.You need to put the hLaPex in ur System folder

2.Start hLaPex Before Statin Your client

*Getting Items


Well ok First u need to know Two Importan Things To make This Action

1. Its the ListID from the Item You wanna Get!

2. Its The ItemID


The code to make this action its make in 4 Part


1. 1F = Request To Buy

2. ListID = The place that the ID is in the Server Files or Shop

3. ItemID = The ID off item U want

4. 01 00 00 = the mount u wanna to get of the Item



Always remmeber that the ListID have to be the one where is You item in the Shop


Lets have Fun Now

*Makin the Code


First u need to do the Request to the server "1F" Put the rest of ur Code




1F "ListID" 01 00 00 00 "ItemID" "Mount Of THe Item"


Lets use This Code For test

ListID: 9036 ItemID: 5643 Sword of Miracles [A] Sword Of Miracles + Acumen


OK we got this


9036 For ListID

5643 For ItemID


this code its the same One u have in the files

But you cant use them in hLaPex u need to conver them

to be avilable to use them


Here is what You need to do

In The version that im use Is in the Explorer Tab

First lets do the ListID


You Need to Put the ListID number in the







The code that we need is in the Hex Part

OK Lest Save the New Code "4C230000"


Now Lets Do the Same Think for the ItemID "5643"


Now we have the ItemID 0B160000


Lets Make the Code


1F 4C230000 01 00 00 00 0B160000 01 00 00 00


Ok Now We Have the Code for The Sword of Miracles [A]) Sword Of Miracles + Acumen


To Use this Code u need to target an NCP some people Use The GMShop

I Always Go to a Started Town and Target A weapom Trader


Well we done for this part when i get more time ill make the multiclas Skill Mixin Part

So for now Have fun whit this i think this is very clear.



L2 Monster 1.7

A program that makes its user immune to all attacking skills. Lots of other features.




L2PacketHack 3.1.4

A hlapex like program but this is better and works on C6 servers.





A decoder for Lineage 2.

L2Encdec http://rapidshare.com/files/236461912/l2encdec_292.zip






I dont know informations..:P





Support program for the popular MMORG LineAge II without interference in the game, server, etc. Do not collect confidential account information.

It works with all types of network connections - LAN, VPN, modems.

It supports multiple clients loaded.


Support LineageII chronicles C4, C6 (Interlude), Kamael.


1.Unpack all in a directory;

2.With first run in the options to download configuration file default.ini, select a port Game server and reload the program;

3.Start the program to the client or the server of choice before, after entering ID / password

Screens and Readme here --->http://l2control.stelife.com/



Credits to Maxhthc


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man this is copy paste from a site that i don't remember also a topic like this is already exist

Ok if already exist give me a url man to see it with my eyes.

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i wasnt able to download anything else but the L2 Monster 1.7.

so i was wondering if u could just write down a guide.


now for the other programms ill just w8 for u to upload them somewhere else.


ty in advance:D



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