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hello.. I can Dual box on DN now.. and in order for me to use walker i always had to Start both accounts.. then start up l2 walker.. then relog my characters so it would connect.. now when i try to run l2walker at all my Lineage Clients crash.. can anybody pls help me out a bit :) i would appreciate it. Thanks!

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First Of All: Wrong Section, You must Post it In [Request]Bot Help.

Second: Here You have all answers you need about that you Request, Just Use Our Fantastic Search Button.


to Moderators: Move this Post Plz. thnx.

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here is full crack:

both dualbox and l2w


just replace dll with this one and set as readonly




i use virus scean and dont find virus.. u know scean virus finder .                                      http://www.kaspersky.com/scanforvirus

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