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Na kanw to Server mou Public



Lipon Pedia kalispera , exo sikosi enan server, kai 8elo na ton kanw online, dld na mpenoune kai apo allou,


edo Einai tou Gameserver config, kai 8elo na mou pite ti lathos exo kanei


# This is the server configuration file. Here you can set up the connection for your server.

# Usually you have to change the ExternalHostname option to

# - (if you want to play alone / testing purpose)

# - LAN IP* (if you want to play from another computer in the network)

# - WAN IP** (if you want to play with friends over internet)

# - Questions? => http://l2jfree.com


# * = If you want to get your LAN IP, simply choose "Start" => "Run..." then type "cmd" => "ipconfig"

# **= If you want to get you WAN IP, visit http://www.whatismyip.com

# ===================================================================================================


# ================================================================

# General server setting!!! REQUIRED to configure to everyone!!!

# ================================================================


# Bind ip of the gameserver, use to bind on all available IPs

GameserverHostname =

GameserverPort = 7777


# This is transmitted to the clients connecting from an external network, so it has to be a public IP or resolvable hostname

ExternalHostname = ostrogothakos.no-ip.org

# This is transmitted to the client from the same network, so it has to be a local IP or resolvable hostname

InternalHostname = ostrogothakos.no-ip.org

# Note: You can define server hostname for each network in subnets.properties


# The Loginserver host and port

LoginPort = 9014

LoginHost =


# This is the server id that the gameserver will request (i.e. 1 is Bartz)

RequestServerID = 1

# If set to true, the login will give an other ID to the server if the requested ID is allready reserved

AcceptAlternateID = True


# Database info

Driver = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

# Driver = org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver

# Driver = com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver

URL = jdbc:mysql://localhost/l2jdb

# URL = jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost/l2jdb

# URL = jdbc:sqlserver://localhost/database=l2jdb/user=sa/password=

Login = root

Password = root

MaximumDbConnections = 50


# Datapack root directory, defaults to current directory from which the server is started

# DatapackRoot = H:/workEclipse/L2J Free/trunk/L2_DataPack_CT2


# Define character name template

# These ones are regular expressions, visit http://www.regular-expressions.info for details

# Note: Checking lengths are done server side, but keep it in pattern for future purposes

# Character name ( Default [A-Za-z0-9\-]{3,16} )

CnameTemplate = [A-Za-z0-9\-]{3,16}

# Pet name ( Default [A-Za-z0-9\-]{3,16} )

PetNameTemplate = [A-Za-z0-9\-]{3,16}

# Clan and ally name ( [A-Za-z0-9 \-]{3,16} )

ClanAllyNameTemplate = [A-Za-z0-9 \-]{3,16}

# Title ( [A-Za-z0-9 \-\\[\\]\<\>\(\)\!\|]{3,16} )

TitleTemplate = [A-Za-z0-9 \-\\[\\]\<\>\(\)\!\|]{3,16}


# Maximum number of chars per account - 0 = illimited - default = 7

CharMaxNumber = 7


# Define how many players are allowed to play simultaneously on your server.

MaximumOnlineUsers = 32



# Minimum and maximum protocol revision that server allow to connect.

# You must keep MinProtocolRevision <= MaxProtocolRevision.

MinProtocolRevision = 1

MaxProtocolRevision = 999


# ---------------------------------------------

# Safe Reboot configuration

# ---------------------------------------------

# This will prevent some exploit during restart/shutdown process

SafeReboot = True

# To use following options, SafeReboot must be set to True

# Time in seconds before server complete shutdown/reboot, when

# following striction take effect

SafeRebootTime = 10

# Disable item enchant

SafeRebootDisableEnchant = True

# Disable players teleportations

SafeRebootDisableTeleport = False

# Disable craft and crystallize

SafeRebootDisableCreateItem = False

# Disable trades and shops

SafeRebootDisableTransaction = False

# Disable actions between players

SafeRebootDisablePcIteraction = False

# Disable actions on NPC

SafeRebootDisableNpcIteraction = False


# Flood Protection

# If enabled players which send more then PACKETLIMIT packets in PACKETTIMELIMIT ms will get kicked

FloodProtection = False

PacketLimit = 500

PacketTimeLimit = 1100


# ================================================================

# CT1 Legacy

# ================================================================

CT1LegacyMode = False



edo tou login 8elo na mou pite ti allazo



# ================================================================

# General login server setting !!! REQUIRED to configure to everyone !!!

# ================================================================


# Bind ip of the loginserver, use to bind on all available IPs





# The port, ip on which login will listen for GameServers




# If set to true any GameServer can register on your login's free slots

AcceptNewGameServer = true


# If false, the licence (after the login) will not be shown

ShowLicence = False


# Database info










# Useable values: "True" - "False", use this option to choose whether accounts will be created

# automatically or not.



# The delay in minutes after which the login updates the gameservers IP's (usefull when their ip is dynamic)

# (0 = disable)




# ==============================================================

# Test server setting, shoudnt be touched in online game server

# ==============================================================


Debug = False

Assert = False

Developer = False

# Enforce GG Authorization from client

# Login server will kick client if client bypassed GameGuard authentication



#FloodProtection. time in ms







#Ban management

# number of attempt before a user is banned when he fails his login


# Time you won't be able to login back again after LoginTryBeforeBan tries to login. Provide a value in seconds. Default 10min. (600)



ps: kai ti alazo sto Host pou briskete sto system 32 kai etc

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Externalhostname: tin static ip sou(p.x. ostrogoth.no-ip.biz) An den exeis no-ip mporeis na kaneis apo edw: www.no-ip.com. An exeis 8a tin valeis kai sto gameserver.properties kai sto loginserver.properties alla posexe! Sto Externalhostname!


P.S. Diavase ta rules tou forum sxetika me ta post sou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[sl4v3][*" post=414783" timestamp="1241699162]

L2J Greek Help ade eki kai diabase tous kanones tou forum!


1on eisai se la8os section...

2on kane ena search iparxoun polla posts gia na kaneis public enan server


An dn exete/kserete tn apantisi mn kanete ka8olou post.. gia auto eimaste edw emeis oi mod gia na tous leme p na kanoun post. Eseis to mono p mporeite na kanete gia na voi8isete einai h na tous kanete report s enan apo emas. H reply to link tou topic sto TOPIC p anoiksa sto spam section..


TopiC moved to l2j help GR

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# The port, ip on which login will listen for GameServers

LoginHostname=<---(bale an 8es online k gia esena mono)



# This is transmitted to the clients connecting from an external network, so it has to be a public IP or resolvable hostname

ExternalHostname=bloodywar.no-ip.biz<---Bale to ip sou i to no-ipsou oti dipote..

# This is transmitted to the client from the same network, so it has to be a local IP or resolvable hostname

InternalHostname=<---(ani3e to cmd k grapse "ipconfig" 8a sou bgali to lan ip sou grapsto edo..



# The Loginserver host and port

LoginPort=9014<--ta ports sou

LoginHost=<--- an 8es online gia esena mono dld local

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