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[Share] Baguette Weapons (Gracia Part 2)

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Hi all,


shot00001oet.th.jpg shot00002oow.th.jpg shot00003dma.th.jpg shot00004g.th.jpg shot00005fto.th.jpg

shot00006rbw.th.jpg shot00008zos.th.jpg shot00009kif.th.jpg shot00010jtb.th.jpg shot00011qtl.th.jpg

shot00012.th.jpg shot00013.th.jpg shot00014.th.jpg shot00015thr.th.jpg shot00016.th.jpg


Download: http://www.4shared.com/file/101560191/1d633a1c/Baguette_Weapons.html

Info: Baguette Weapons for Gracia Part 2


All files from client side you have in game. You don't need to edit any files in client.


Credit to Myxoske


Enjoy ;)

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