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[Help]Unable To Load Hacks

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Ok i got this problem

my software is windows vista home premium and i cant load hacks for some reason i don't know yet.

my friend has same software but when i tryed on his laptop, he was able.

that means that hacks work great just that i have a problem


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SSW v5.6

Steam Hack 1

ECC Client Hook v1.0.1

MPH Realease 5.0

Hypnotic Hook

MP-Hacks WH

i did i run their small window opens BuT when i press load CS Freezes And Then i get the message tha Stoped Running etc!

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i did so i turned off kaspersky antivirus

run as admin the hack


open Cs as the hack says and again Client.dll cant be found..!

also i have noticed that this happens only to my pc ;D

with that i mean that the hacks work at windows vista on my friends xD

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He says you need to install a patch, if you want pm me to send it to you.

Also i use Counter Strike 1.6: New Era so my system updates anything new there is.

I suggest you to add like mine, no rapidshare direct link 401 mb cs+half life(much better graphics and new models)

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hax0r i did so again and again i get that client.dll cant be found -.-

i have a feeling to break down my computer

its the ONLY computer that wants a fair play from what i can tell xD

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