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Plot Summary

Season 1


Michael Scofield creates a plan to save his innocent brother from the electrical chair.Scofield was an architect and he has all the prison's diagram.So he does a big tatoo with all the plan for escape.He does a robbery in bank and police arrest him.His brother lawer search for the truth and she finds that the record from the camera wasnt real.Alltrought, She finds that the person who Lincoin barrows(Michael's brother) has killed in the record was allive.

Michael in prison , he created a team for the escape. The members were : Fernado Sucre  who was in the same cell with Scofield,a mafiozos ,T-bank who was a very bad person who kills children and ***** them,and 2 other members.

Scofield fell in love with the prison's doctor who was daughter of the minister of deffence.Scofield at last he esape from the prison and they run with the team.Mafiozos cut the hand of T-bank.And T-Bank left from the team.


Season 2


The lawer finds that the goverment was behind but the same minite she was dead by Kellerman who was an agent of Company.Company was behind all the goverment of american all the ministers and presidents was in company.

Scofield in his tatoo has the plan for the escape but he has also the plan afer the escape.FBI agent mahone who was from the company try to find and kill Scofield and lincoin and all the team.After all he kill mafiozos and the 2 other members.And he try to chase Scofield.The father of Sara killed by the company and Sara(the doctor)finds a key , Scofield find sara , and They find that a key open a box which has a flash-device. But it was useless. Scofield finds his Father and he tell them everything about the company etc. His father was an agent of the company.But now he wants to destroy it. MAHONE FINDS THEM AND HE KILLS SCOFIELDS' FATHER.But now scofield and lincoin have to go to Panama to be free. They get to panama and there they meet Sucre.Mahone came to Panama too.At last scofield trap mahone and he has gone to prison,and sara comes and finds scofield.An agent come to kill Scofieldbut Sara kill him.The police arest the scofield and they gone him to A prison called Sona.


Season 3

Scofield is in Sona with T-bank and mahone.An agent of company called Gretsen came to scofield and say him to escape from Sona with an agent or she will kill sara and the son of lincoin.The company's leader want to kill lincoin.But because Scofield delayed the prison break :P ,Gretsen Cut Sara's head. Scofield escapes from Sona with mahone and the agent.Mahone and the agent start making unknown plans.


Season 4

Mahone and The agent are trying to destroy the comnpany with a card that called scylla and It is the black book of company.The agent dies and Mahone and Scofield are found by TheAgent self and he said that if they find Scylla , he will give them freedom...Micahel lealased that Scyllas has 6 parts .AfterAll Michael took all teh scylla but Self didnt give them freedom , then Michael who has a tumor he fell down and company get him.And he healed him from the tumor but Lincoin have to work with them(to bring back Scylla). Michael & Lincoin discover that her mom who believed that she was dead , has scylla... Sara is pregment.. Cristina Scofield(Mum) tries to kill lincoin.. She met with Michael and he learn that he isnt real brother wwith lincoin. Michael tries to kill his mother to get scylla but the gun was empty. And Mum shoo him but she missed and sara kill her.Sucre-C-not find another Guy fromthe past Called Kellerman. Micahel get him Scylla and he destroy the company.But michael has still Tumor. 4 years later Sara with her son and Sure and lincoin and Mahone go To Michael scofield R.I.P.And it finished.


S04EP17 Tailer :





S04EP18 Tailer 'VS' :



Tell there ,What season do u like most, and opinions about prison break.



Soundtracks :

In the rip of scofield : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im-O2mVnv1Y


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I am big fun of prison break!!!I never bored watch it. I have seen 3times every season and i waitng for the the last 5 episodes!!!!!!

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very good job!!


prison break is one of my favorite series


and i am waiting for new episodes!!


in my opinion season 3 was the best!


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