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[Guide]Guide's from Deanok: Warlord

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While reading the forum I am thinking that most of the people don't know how to play with WarLord. I don't know how its happened but someone said that Warlock is exping slower then eg. Destro or any nuker is BULL-beep-'S!! Warlord is the quickest exping character in L2. Why is that? And why people think its not? Lets think what makes Warlord the quickest exping class.


1)Characteristic of Warlord:

Walord is a fighter which is attacking with polearms, which have a ability to attack multiply monsters. With attack 1 vs Train* he rocks, but in 1 vs 1 he is not powerful at all.


+He can have large amounts of HP (On full buff about ~15k), where destro should have about 16k(on FullBuff of course)

+He have a lots of skill which are helping fight with the train.

+Most of his skills don't need a target

+He have selfbuffs which are increasing p.atk to different type of monsters(Eg. for Dragons,Animals...)

+Very good to self/party exp. (Especially for buffers/healers)

+He can have large amount of CON, which is protecting from stuns.

+Perfect "machine" to farm AA in the cats and scrolls. We can't beat spoil but we can earn some money too :)



-small amount of mana

-Tragic accuracy, He have toggle Accuracy and Polearm Accuracy, but they are draining mana like crazy so if you look one point UP you will see that its nonsense to use it.


-if you have lag while taking the train* 90% that you will DIE.



On buffs we are exping 3/4 times quicker* because we can take more monsters on yourself. If you have buffs from SE/WRC remember to use vampiric rage. It has that minus that buffer is taking some of the exp. Important is also if we take berseker spirit or not. If we play Warlord which is only "Collecting mobs" so other members of party can attack them with a skill of big damage area then DO NOT TAKE IT. Because the point of this is to have maximum HP and p.def but zerk* take some p.def. If we have Warlord attacker/KAMIKADZE*, them zerk is useful. especially when you are attacking not so strong monsters which has low p.def and where WL makes them a lots of damage (Vampiric Rage is healing you :P) is balancing the zerk.


3)What we are attacking?

Warlord is attacking a big group of monsters at the same time. But what monsters? There are some important things: If we dont have a healer, we don't attack more then 6/8 monsters with x1HP, 5-6 monsters x2HP, 4/5 x3HP and 4 x4HP. This is because if something will go wrong (We are stunned and they eat your char 1/3HP) then you can always kill them all (eg. you are stunned by 6 mobs around you and you have 500hp. Then I would use: ThunderStorm, Howl, Whirlwind and most of the monsters would die, but if there are strong monsters there would be less. (eg. as I said 4 x4HP) then they are attacking us slower and there is a huge chance that we will kill them before they kill us. If we have buffer/healer with us(Prophet/ShillenElder/ElvenElder) then we can take x1.5, x2 more monsters. If with Healer (Bishop) then then x2, x3 more monsters for sure :)

If you have a buffer with VR*, then you have to choose some type of monsters. Before all LEAVE THE MONSTERS WITH PSYCHICAL RESIST! (we attack for less damage so not much heal.) or those which has a big evasion (Skill called Light Armor Type when you look at the monsters skills in target) WL has a big problem with accuracy so monsters with big evasion are really difficult and long to kill.



There are generally 2 ways to choose being a Warlord.



("and? I don't care if I attack for less damage, before you kill me you will get old")

dye: -5str +5con

Armor:    C: Full Plate SET

              B: Doom Heavy (+Con, good p.def)

              A: Majestic Heavy (Stun defence)

              S: Don't take S grades


Weapon: C: Orcish Poleaxe + towering blow

              B: Lance + towering blow

              A: Halberd + towering blow

              S: Only if you are hero take the polearm and use it :)

That type is the best when we are exping without VR. Also its most often used because he can survive more and take more monsters.



("hit hit hit -> run again for new group")

dye: +5str +4dex -9CON

Armor:    C: Full Plate SET

              B: BW Heavy(+speed, +str)

              A: Tallum Heavy (+atk.spd)

              S: Don't take S grades.


Weapon: C: Orcish Poleaxe + towering blow

              B: Lance + towering blow

              A: Halberd + towering blow

              S: Only Hero if you have one, Use it for sure but don't buy any other S grades, its useless trust me.

This is very dangerous, but also very effective. We don't think about the HP and defense of all but on healing from VR. So Healer, (Of course SE) is the best friend of WL. You have small con so if you the monster stun you then someone need to help us survive by healing. Anyway there are some bad situations with lag or bad spaceout of monsters. If we have Sws or BD then we have a machine to meat :)


5)To choose a place = Grind Tips:

- We don't want mobs which are stunning. Any hit to the monster can "wake up" in him a skill stun xD

- Don't even come close to monsters with skill: "Power Word: OWN3D" (cancel). Cancel is a death mostly for OFENSIVE attackers because of VR.

- Don't start attacking your train near any monster-mages (Nukers) or Archers)

- DON'T ATTACK ANY ARCHER/NUKER! You have to run after them so you can't make a good train of them.

- Don't attack monsters which are using root. Sleep is nothing because monsters will wake you up anyway :)

- And at the end the most important. There is something that we can call "Density Surface of Monsters" so how long we are collecting train and how many we are attacking. If we are collecting 2x longer then we are attacking then you need to found other place.


6)Well know place's and bad place's for GRIND :]


Good places:

-Cruma 1. Catharoks and Mordeos. You CAN exp there until lvl 50. At the beginning we are attacking for 1/3 after that hole room. We need to know how much catheroks we have in our train. If more then 2 then Lionheart if we can, or Thunderstorm because they are stunning, so its good to have any kind of healer with you.

-Catacombof branded. The same as the point UP. Don't go too deep because there monsters have psychical resist.

-Area's between Aden and the AdenCastle. There are running Varon Silenos which are very quick to kill and there are a lots of them. The best experience from lvl 45 until 52 (Recommended by me)

-Cementery Aden (X_X) From lvl 47 to 57 you can attack the ORCS . They are agro so its easy to make a train of them. Be aware they are stunning so have any healer with you.

-Cat Apostate - Medus, Bats, Lilim Priest, Lilim Bishops. They don't have cancel maybe sometimes sleep but we don't need to worry because they will start to attack you and you will wake up! Remember to take a lots of Greater Antidote because meduses are giving bad Poison with very big land rate. We are using Detect Beast Weakness (Bats and Meduses) Needs SE and maybe BD or SWS


BAD places: (Dont go there really)

Enchant Valley = Density Surfaces of Monsters. before you will make train you will GROW OLD.

The beginning of Catacomb of Apostate - lilim Magus are giving cancel and sleep.

Forgotten Plains: Density Surfaces of Monsters, most of them stun and they are "shouting" for help so all monsters in the range of 'name' are running and stunning you.

Cruma 2 - monsters are giving cancels, most of them are nukers, and anyway its 'sad' place

Outlaw Forest - Oel Mahum Witch Doctor x2 HP, they are also nukking, debuffing and they have social agro (They are attacking us if we are attacking other monsters)

7)About using skills.

- Every skill which you is allowing you to use (Without using Polearm), use with dagger in the hand. Faster reuse, Its very important with Lionhear and BattleRoar, Which have slow reuse but they are helpful.

- If you are using VR dont use Whirlwind, because damage of skills is not regeneration HP.

- Always After we collect train and we are in the place where there is a wall behind you, always use Thunderstorm and Howl, with that there will be 50%less damage given to you by monsters.

- NEVER EVER USE Focus Attack IN PVE!!! WL don't attack solo monsters. We use 1 time FA and then 4 minutes killing 1 monster at the time waiting to till it ends.






VR = Vampiric Rage buff. Recover 9% of melee physical damage as HP. That buff have DarkElf Buffer and Orc party buffer.

Train = Warlord is collecting a big group of monsters in the area. This is called train.

Party with buffers= Now this is kinda complicated: lets say you have 60k experience alone for a monster. If you server has party exp (often, very often x2) then in theory you should get 120k experience. BUT! Remember that buffer is taking half of experience so you get 60k. 1 person more in party and you get the same experience as alone.

Taking the Train = collecting monsters in the area.

Grind: A place where you can do train.

PVE = Player vs Enviroment, that means Player vs monsters

Kamikadze = A player which is only attacking he doesnt care even if he have 1% hp.


[shadow=black,left]8)Some useful tips![/shadow]

Always try to have full HP. its just a security if you have lag or DC.

when you are making WL try to make a buffer to it. I prefer to choose Orc party buffer :)

WL's dont work well with spoilers. Even if he use spoil festival it will take some time to use sweeper skill on them.



ITS BEEN WRITEN BY ME AND ALL NO1 HAVE A RIGHT TO COPY THIS TO ANY OTHER FORUM. It takes me 4hours to make (From 8:00 Until now, I just have a weird dream about making warlord xD)

Credits to:

Lineage.pmfun.com for Weapon/Armor info

Me for the idea/making it :)



Spelling Mistakes


Pictures of Warlord at the action

Which buffs to choose if you have BD/PP/EE/SWS/DE or all togother!

Pictures of Armors


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warlord is undervalued at pvp's.

it got 3 stuns.....you are dead before you wake up lol


It only works at mass PvP or close ranged PvP. But ye the probability that a person should be stunned is about 90-95% even with stun vulablity -50%.


@Caccolino: Destro will never be Warlord, with warlord you will exp/FARM quicker then with destro+pole+frenzy/zaelot. On high rates I am using warlords just to farm :)


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