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[Gracia T2 L2J] L2 B-Zone


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Alright , the servers TOP's is reeeally down right now , I mean , only 1 week servers , managed by kids who don't care about their comunity , fastly added donation so the can pay the electricity and etc .


This server over here , not mine , but really impressed me . It's on already for 2 month , opened by a friend of mine . First , i tought that it's another 1 week server , so i didn't even got stressed with it , i mean , i just let it go . Now , after i saw it's already on for so long , and no problems , i tought to help him a little , advertising it here . Sorry for the offtopic , here are the server specs .



Safe - 85

Max - 85

Rate - 100%

(don't worry , phx working :d you can just take the EnchantItem pack and go go go ..)




The basic custom NPC's (buffer,GK,gm shop , etc)

Vesper Armors

Vesper Weapons

Vesper Jewels

Vesper Cap's


You are full custom in 3h (if using warlord)


L2 B-Zone Website

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There are about 20 on , since it's a customful server , you know it's hard to gain people .


I can say the class are balanced , except the glady , which have a bit too much p atk . But , anyway , that friend of mine(the server owner) said he'll try to fix this , without destroying it .

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