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[GRACIA CT2]L2 Ezakiel


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Hey let me introduce you a newly created L2 server called [glow=yellow,2,300]L2 Ezakiel[/glow]



L2-Ezakiel Information


Rates: All rates are 10x except for the spoil which is 7x.

Server: Full Retail like server with everything working, with lot of daily events and without stupid donate(like weapons,jewels,armor etc).


Server modifications


Your "manufacture / sell / buy" shop stay online while

you are OFFLINE !

(automatic when u quit the game by pressing "Exit Game")


Every Dances and Songs are 20min

Except: Song of renewal, Song of champion, Song of wind storm, Dance of siren

The duration time is 3min.


Wedding system.





CTF: Capture The Flag

(Team who capture the enemy flag and bring it into their camp win.)


TVT: Team VS Team

(Classic team vs team.)


DM: Death Match

(The last man standing wins.)


VIP: Very Important Person

(2 teams competing, 1 team have to protect a player, the other team have to kill the player protected.)


KOTH: King Of The Hill

(There is a flag in a mountain first team who put his flag on top of mountain wins)


All those events, are daily and automatic.



New Pets



We have added new pets, they are present ONLY in

our server and official korean server !!!


Here they are :


Fox Shaman



White Weasel



Wild Beast



Fairy Princess





For More information consider PMing






Noble(me)/GameMaster :o

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Just follow the steps =) in download section.


1°) Download the Gracia Part 2 Client :


2°) Install the game and make a full check with the official luncher.


3°) Download our launcher


4°) Put our launcher into the main Lineage II folder.

(Default location: C:\Program Files\Lineage II\)


5°) Update your Game using L2ezakiel.exe (a full check)


6°) Start the game using L2ezakiel.


7°) Create an account


8°) Have fun !

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I Will Join!!

Thnx Grandpa :P

Server look good.And the first fox is cool too :D :D

btw..What abount..Echant rates?:D

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