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[Noble's contest]Dirge the Undying by aneos

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ok guys nobody had written about undying and I think he's a pretty interesting player, especially now with these changes...



Move Speed --> 310

Primary attr: STR



so, here we go:


First of all, let me remind you that now he's a STR char, and he is actually a tank...

So my favorite item build is:


BTNTransmute.gif (since Dirge is a farmer, he needs it!)


BTNHeartOfAszune.gif (he's a tank, so he needs more health, HP regen + some dmg)



apart from these 2 items the rest is up to your preference...

just don't buy items that give agility...

for example, don't even consider wasting money on a BTNINV_ThrowingKnife_04.gif since you can use that money for 1 more BTNHeartOfAszune.gif.

but items with MP regen are pretty useful



generally my favorite items apart from Radiance and Heart of Tarrasque are:



BTNWirtsLegGreen.gif (STR) (extra speed, extra STR --> more HP and dmg, and you can also switch them to INT to regen faster if you're out of mana)


BTNINV_ThrowingAxe_06.gif (more dmg, more MP regen for your skillz)


BTNAdvancedUnholyArmor.gif (you're a tank so you could use this)


2nd BTNHeartOfAszune.gif (even more health and dmg) (only if you'll do some extreme tanking)


BTNINV_Chest_Chain_14.gif (this item will get your really low atk. speed to an average atk. speed, give you some extra armor and also improve your ulti!)

credits to DreaM for this item


BTNINV_Misc_Gem_Bloodstone_02.gif (more health, and regen)




Items to avoid:


BTNCloakOfFlames.gif (it might sound good about the zombies, but it's useless.Zombies will have 30 HP, they die 1 hit.)


BTNINV_Weapon_Halberd_10.gif (really low atk. speed so low proc rate)


BTNINV_Weapon_Crossbow_10.gif (low atk. speed so low chance to crit)


BTNAbility_Gouge.gif (you'll already do +30% dmg to opponents you don't need more! :P)


BTNIceShard.gif (it might increase many things you need, but radiance and heart of tarrasque are more necessary,

and you'll slow with your ulti.)





Dirge's Skills:



Decay --> 120 dmg on the target area (about 300 AoE) and you take 4 STR from the enemy chars inside

Cooldown --> just 5 secs, so on late game you can spam this.!

Comments --> just spam it on enemies :P





Soul Rip --> This skill is either a heal or dmg, depending on how you use it.

It heals/damages for 25 for each unit near the target (about 950 range).

It doesn't count the target as a unit.

So if you have 10 units around you and you use it on yourself then it'll heal you for 250.

It's max is 20 units.

Cooldown --> just 10 secs, so you can use this all the time to heal you or your allies.

Comments -->DO NOT WASTE IT!!If you only have 1 creep next to you, then don't use it 'cause it'll heal you for 25 HP...

but on ganks, many units will be near, so it'll heal/damage the target for a lot of HP.

with such a low CD it's gonna be really helpful...!





Tombstone --> This new skill is pretty imba for ganks.

For every single enemy unit (enemy players too) it creates a Zombie every 3 secs.

the best part is that if a Zombie's target drops below 400 HP then it'll become enraged dealing more damage

and running faster.

Cooldown --> 60 secs... only use when you need it!!

Comments --> on ganks it'll be much useful because the zombies summoned are

considered units, and when you use Soul Rip you'll heal/damage even more!




Flesh Golem --> New imba ulti!! Great for ganks.

It makes you a Golem, and everyone in 750 AoE take 30% more damage!!

Also if anyone in 750 AoE dies, you get healed for 12% of his HP.

Also slows for 7%

Cooldown --> 90 secs :*(

Comments --> on ganks, with Tombstone which will summon zombies, and soul rip it's

gonna rock!Everyone will take more dmg, and you'll heal your ass off since zombies, and radiance will kill everything that comes, so you'll regen like hell --> imba tank :P



My favorite talent build:

1.Soul Rip


3.Soul Rip


5.Soul Rip

6.Flesh Golem





11.Flesh Golem



14.Soul Rip

15. +2 stats

16.Flesh Golem

17.-25. +2 stats





Really good tank with much dmg.

Even with few items he's pretty good.

VERY good gank initiator!!!

Effective against stunners/silencers.

Can heal, and pushes really good.

Can keep his lane very easy.




REALLY low agility --> low attack speed and armor

doesn't have anything to let him escape (like blink or stuns)




Best allies:




Aoe stunners like:










Chars with many units like: (it's pretty important so that Soul Rip will be even more effective)







Healers like:








Worst enemies:


Up until now, noone has been a worthy enemy! :P

With your Radiance and your zombies, even if you're stunned, silenced or whatever, you keep on dealing damage

and with such a low CD on Soul Rip and Decay you keep getting more STR and also get healed like hell!!



How to use Soul Rip:













When you want to use Soul rip you MUST have many units around you.

So on ganks, use tombstone and then use it, so that you'll have even more units...



General Tips:

When you want to gank somebody, or when you and the rest of the team want to kill the other team which is all gathered in 1 lane, then simply:


First, use your ulti.

Then get in the battlefield and use Tombstone.

Instantly use Soul Rip on yourself 'cause ppl will have already started attacking you.

Spam Decay and try to do it on areas where more than 1 person is inside, so that you'll

get more than 4 STR each time (generally you can get over 30-40 STR if used correctly)

By the time your ulti has finished, everybody should be dead!! :D




If you think something in my guide is wrong then let me know.

any info you want me to add just tell me.


credits to   aneos (myself)



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There is a requirement for including pictures in your topic so you should, and i also am suprised that you picked that hero from all others since he has a different way of playing from the new dota release's and to be honest i wanted to do a guide for him but i wont since i dont officially partipicate in the contest so i will let the chance for you to go back to 0 good luck and include pictures.

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ok guys I'll add pictures too.

but can someone give me the link to the skills and characters icons?


find an icon=>right click=>properties

and you find icon url

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no, I had seen a link to a site that had all the DotA icons.

icons of items, characters and much more...!

can somebody give it to me pls?

so that I can add more icons.




I meant this  http://www.garena.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=359538&extra=page%3D1&page=1

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He is one of the ultimate Assault's carrier's so you should add this item to the build too.




+Now he is a tank he needs it a lot

+With it he finally gets an average attack speed

+Undying with his heal.



+ Avoid second heart , just do a bloodstone if you think more hp is needed since he needs mana so he can spam healz.

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