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Kalhspera paidia....Loipon exw ena problhma me ton server mou....Endexomenws einai blakwdes alla dn mporw na to lysw...Exw prospa8hsei ta panta....O srv trexei L2jfree,interlude pack...



To problhma einai oti molis kanw buffs exafanizontai amesws....P.x an kanw wind walk exafanizetai...Apo thn allh an kanw p.x fire seed menei....Ti ginete...To time twn buffs to exw ry8misei sta 35 lepta...Kai mono ta seeds menoun :S



helP :)

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Maybe the xmls of status of the buffs are corrupted.

Check it by going to gameserver/data/stats/skills.


If i am right then open and edit with notepad and choose how many seconds

you wish the buffs to stay.

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