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L2Focus Weapon for Interlude

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Hi back again  ;)

Here i have some Great weapons by.... me

Here Some screens





Dual Swords:dualswords.th.jpg,dualsswords2.th.jpg



I hope u will find them cool and funny  ;D


Download Link:L][FocusWeapons_by_SoFaKi.rar

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Hey,some of them are already shared!!Look here:http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=48158.0 and use the search button next time......btw good job keep sharing!!

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ok i saw it sry again but my favourite weap of this set is this Claws ;D The size is different for any type ;)  (You  Must see the orcs ;) The Claws are so big like a DWARF )

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