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L2 Spike


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hello guys the best server ever i'm playing here and i  can't stop playing. It's FANTASTIC helpfull GM's everythink you need is here


Rates :


x30 Xp


x30 Drop


Zinch is administrator and he's very helpfull and good man JOIN NOW!!!!!! [move]JOIN NOW!!!!!![/move]


The website of server is www.l2spike.net  [move]www.l2spike.net[/move]

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Nice we will see it....I think i have played this server before but i can't remeber for sure...


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.. must be moved to Private servers ...



Woot ? ? ? TheVortex you are Normal User now ? ( I see "guest" under your name) ! no more Moderator ?


Sorry, I know, Im off topic !  ;D

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