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[Guide] Mortred , the Phantom Assassin ( Nab's way )

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A quick advice :


Do NOT get this. Trust me. If both your ulti and Burizza proc, Burizza will replace your critical and it won't deal 4.0x your damage but only 2.0x! So don't buy it.


It is improved i think...

I did a dubble critical with it,my ultis passive and the buriza one :)

It looks like it is 10k dmg but it is about 1600 and 900 together so 2500 dmg one blow and

probably the second will be a  900 dmg hit or a 1600 dmg hit and it is IMBA!


(That is at least what it do :))


EDIT:This is what happens


And no it is not a 3160 dmg critical... it is burizas effect and i do a dubble critical! :D

Pretty cool huh? :)


Mortred used to be my fav but i got bored with her...



PS:I didn't have monkey only buriza to test it (And butterfly)

so it is burizzas effect.

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Ehh,naabs choice mortred bcs him on big lvl give some criticals damage near 3k and the enemyes will beggin to cry  :'(  ;D,but if i play with Spirit Breaker i will break him soul xD

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