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Few Plugins for CS 1.6


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Hi i am looking for some site or some forum where are almost every good plugin for CS 1.6 Non-steam servers...


So if u know any please post here...


Well i am looking for :

1. The moving text colored into red/yellow [ Almost every server got that says: Welcome to XXX Community bla bla ][i dont know is it plugin]

2. Whats command for admin chat [not rcon say] that when admin write something it appears in left middle side with white letter ofc?

3. What vote plugin i need to have so i can set the vote for example : N00B Cheater? [Q] 1.Yes [A] 2.No [Answer]




I will edit if i remember more stuff i wanted... Thanks for help!

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1. I think by default it says that.

2. amx_csay [text]

3. I think it's amx_vote [N00B Cheater?]

then a vote will start saying N00B Cheater? Yes No..

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1. Yesterday I helped him with his Server Problems. I played on his server and saw none messages.

So open cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs\amxx.cfg and search for a line like this:

//amx_imessage "Welcome to %hostname%" "000255100"

If you could see any line with "amx_imessage" in it, just post the code here. And then I will help you.

If there is no line with "amx_imessage", just insert a line like this:

amx_imessage "Welcome to %hostname%" "000255100"


%hostname% has not to be changed. ingame it would be your hostname ;)

000255100 - is a color in RGB format.


btw... "imessage.amxx" has to be enabled in plugins.ini.


2. There is another method for ingame say, which I recommend much more (hax0rs method was for center message).

In chat:

@ Hi all gamers


-- this will send a message to the server in white color: "Hi all gamers"


@y Hi all gamers



-- this will send a message to the server in yellow color: "Hi all gamers"


Known color shortcuts:

r - red

g - green

b - blue

y - yellow

m - magenta

c - cyan


3. sorry hax0r, but youre method should be precised a bit more. Correct usage:


amx_vote "Question here." "Yes" "No"


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