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[Exploit]Caster Exploit


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Requirements: Steam Tonk Controller, PvP trinket in the upper slot


Make a macro:



/use Steam Tonk Controller/cast Shadow Bolt(Rank 1)/use 13

Then immediately start spamming the hell out of your shadowbolt.


What it does is simple, it will use the casting time your shadow bolt rank 1 (1.2s) for any spell you spam after clicking on this macro. Going lower than 1.2s (1.5s in fact) is not of any use, since you’re limited by the gcd anyways, hence the choice of sb rank 1.


You will actually cast shadow bolts rank 11 at 1.2s cast speed.


For mages, replace “Shadow Bolt(Rank1)” in the macro with scorch for example, and spam pyro/fb.


The only limitation to this in raid is the aggro your tank will be putting out, and you cannot move a lot (so use this on tank and spank fights).


So basically, choose any spell with a short cast time, place it in the second line of the macro, after after you trinketed out of the stun (it’s instant) start spamming the spell you want to use.



You can use the cast time of any spell with low cast time (like scorch or sb rank 1) to summon people, open a portal, etc. The only limitation is that you need an enemy target.

There are probably other ways of casting a short spell without a target, but I’ll update later if I find some. ^^

Example for nearly instant ritual of summoning:



/use Steam Tonk Controller/cast Shadow Bolt(Rank 1)/use 13/cast Ritual of Summoning

Nearly Instant portal:


/use Steam Tonk Controller/cast Scorch/use 13/cast Portal: Orgrimmar

Nearly Instant teleport (mage):



/use Steam Tonk Controller/cast Scorch/use 13/cast Teleport: Orgrimmar



Source   http://www.wowbootybay.com

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