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[HELP] Fix skills.



Hello ance agAIN :)

How i can fix or change easily the skills????For example to lower a little dagger ....give more dmg for mages and for duelists......Any easy way????without compile eclipse etc....

And from where i do that?



Thx :)

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heh in SQL you can add for classes more stats.(char_templates.sql)

in data\stats\skills you can change skill powers and others.

"For example to lower a little dagger" - i dont understand because my english not the best but if you want to add or unadd(xD) patk you can change it data\stats\weapons Easily.


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Here is an example:


<item id='10448' name="Icarus Disperser - Critical Damage">


  <set val='318' order='0x08' stat='pAtk'/>  ----> if the character stats are too big do not minus big because its 0x08(=set)

  <set val='163' order='0x08' stat='mAtk'/>

  <set val='12' order='0x08' stat='rCrit'/>

  <set val='433' order='0x08' stat='pAtkSpd'/>

  <enchant val='0' order='0x0C' stat='pAtk'/>

  <enchant val='0' order='0x0C' stat='mAtk'/>

         <!-- SA: Critical Damage -->

  <add val='559' order='0x40' stat='cAtkAdd'/>    -------> +559 patk on a critical attack    <!-- Enhances damage to target during PvP -->

  <mul val='1.05' order='0x30' stat='pvpPhysDmg'/>        -> 5% pvp damage bonus

  <mul val='1.05' order='0x30' stat='pvpMagicalDmg'/>

      <sub order="0x10" stat="CON" val="2" /> or    <sub val="2" order="0x10" stat="CON" />  for -2con

      <sub order="0x40" stat="pAtk" val="500" />  or  <sub val="500" order="0x40" stat="pAtk" />  for -500patk for a character



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well in l2jfree there are an implemented dagger damage formula based on armor type if you want to lower the damage they give implement into your pack or use the xmls just lower skill crit chance and its ok

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I want to change  the ability of a weapon : for example in dynasty magic sword acumen...i want acumen to rise more the player acumen.......so i find the skill ability but at castrange has -1....Whats that means?

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