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[Share] L2 Walker Emulators


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Hi :)

So here is the topic I'd like to gather all emulators which were released :)




version_3_0 [10.5.7] - DOWNLOAD

version_0_51 [10.5.3-10.7.4] - DOWNLOAD

version_0_64 [10.8.8-10.9.0] - Removed by mpj123



There is no virus in verion 0_51. The warning is fake!



VerifyServer Emulator


version 3.3 - DOWNLOAD

version 2.0 - DOWNLOAD





For now its all but I hope it will help you :)

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yes the first time is see L2asrv_064... i thought this programmer stopped making these verify emulators.. and why do we need to put id and pw in this L2asrv? i tested it on OOG 10.9.0 but it gave me allot of errors.

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AdlerBR are you serious about this ? "This program send your login and password to viptowalker.no-ip.org"


Look the ScreenShot:





And be carefull: if the program asks you to input any login-pwd information is a 99,9% of probality that is a suspicious/malware program.





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