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[Guide #4] Miniguide to Purist Thunderwrath, the Omniknight

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Because I dont have many time and i tell to Hax0r that i will make one guide today I write that miniguide That has build and skill build only ..

Note : I am not play with omni usually but I know some things.


Tavern Light Tavern (I)

Base Damage 31 - 41 (51 - 61)

Base Armor 2 / 4.1

Primary Attribute Strength

Strength 20 + 2.65

Agility 15 + 1.75

Intelligence 17 + 1.8

Movespeed 295



Story : A former member of the Order of the Silver Hand, Purist has joined the Sentinel to avenge the death of the Order's leader, Uther the Lightbringer. Trained by Uther himself in the ways of the Paladin, Purist brings the power of the Holy Light to the battlefield. He can purify the souls of allies, harming any nearby Scourge in the process. Able to protect allies from harmful unholy magic, the mere presence of a man of the Holy Light atrophies any nearby enemies. In times of dire need, Purist can call upon God himself to protect him and his allies.




Skill Build :


Level 01 - Purification

Level 02 - Degen Aura

Level 03 - Purification

Level 04 - Degen Aura

Level 05 - Purification

Level 06 - Guardian Angel

Level 07 - Purification

Level 08 - Degen Aura

Level 09 - Degen Aura

Level 10 - Repel

Level 11 - Guardian Angel

Level 12 - Repel

Level 13 - Repel

Level 14 - Repel

Level 15 - Attribute Bonuses

Level 16 - Guardian Angel

17 to 25 - Attribute Bonuses



Item Build :

Arcane ring






I sometimes get :


I see in pubs that some people get him vlaimirs But i dont get it.








Other items :

BTNIceShard.gif more slow

BTNHeartOfAszune.gif regen +dmg+life


hex good item for omni


BTNAbility_Gouge.gif -5 armor


That was my miniguide if i have time in future i will edit this to a full guide.


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surely a necronomicon should be in your build ...(imo)


rarely an omniknight is tank or dps but he is assist hero so you should have a good mp pool no just DPS builds

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I was thinking to add necromion but i was believe that it noone else think that necromion is good in omni.

post what you think is good for a good omni play not what other ppl believe would fit!also i believe that BoTs are NOT that needed as degen aura makes its job well so take advantage of the treads stats :P (imo)
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@TheEnd: i noticed skadi in your build too! Degen aura does in job really well instead of skadi(despite they synergize those 2 but if you seek stats then ) you could add a bloodstone or orchid malevolence or shiva guard or even mekansm(mekansm is not that needed as you can have many heals but really helps out sometimes) :D i cearly have posted a different build :D despite omniknight is a STR hero he is considered as healer or as INT supporter char!of course not everything should be in the same build but  many of them in combination

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an omniknight has 3 different builds depending on what your team has!






your build depends on your teamates and your enemies choices!if you are full of str and melees then you can act as healer if your foes are full of tanks and melee heroes then you should take a dps build! if your team hasnt got str heroes then you should become the tank!in all 3 circumstances you ought to take the best equipment related on the situation as these 3 roles vary and change your gameplay





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I like being the healer as Omni cause it's the most helpful build, so I buy Mekansm, Treads, Bloodstone, and S&Y or Skadi ... but I 'unno, it's your choice.

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