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Auto Rewards for Streams (twitch, trovo)

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For Sale: High-Performance "Auto Rewards for Twitch, Trovo Streams" Script for Your L2J Servers!


Trovo, Twitch


🚀 Key Features:

1. Automatic Stream Rewards: Streamers receive ITEM_ID rewards automatically after streaming for more than 5 hours (configurable time).

2. Viewer Rewards: Streamers with a minimum of 10 viewers are eligible for additional rewards (viewer count is also configurable).

3. Reward Customization: In the configuration, you specify the Twitch username and in-game character nickname, for example:
$streamerTwitch = [
    ['twitch_username' => 'kussia88', 'game_nickname' => 'Kussia'],
    ['twitch_username' => 'just_ns', 'game_nickname' => 'NS'],
You can also define ITEM_ID and the number of items to be rewarded.

4. Local Caching: To reduce API load, data is cached locally in a JSON file (cache duration is configurable).

5. Limit on Repeated Rewards: Checks ensure that streamers can only receive the next reward after 24 hours (configurable time until the next reward).

6. Streamer Information: The script displays information about streamers, including their name, avatar, viewer count, and stream status.

7.  Display Stream Title and Description: You can also show the stream title, description, and start date.

8. Fast Asynchronous Loading: The script loads asynchronously on your website, ensuring smooth and speedy performance.

9. Task Scheduling: To automate reward distribution, the script integrates with the cron scheduler (e.g., checking every 20 minutes).

10. Easy Configuration: All settings are easily adjustable in configuration files for your convenience.

11. Technologies Used: Developed using PHP, PDO, JSON, and JavaScript, making it compatible with most modern web hosting.


💰 Price: Only $80!

🔧 Script Configuration for Your Server and Website: Provided free of charge after purchasing the script!


📞 Contact for Inquiries:

Telegram: Telegram @tervin

E-mail: kenrix@mail.ru


Don't miss the opportunity to enhance the activity and appeal of your gaming community with this outstanding script!


Config for Clarity


// Database connection for reward distribution
// You can create and grant user access only to tables, characters, and items_delayed
define('GAME_HOST', 'localhost');
define('GAME_USERNAME', '');
define('GAME_PASSWORD', '');
define('GAME_DBNAME', '');
define('GAME_DSN', 'mysql:host=' . GAME_HOST . ';dbname=' . GAME_DBNAME);

define('TWITCH_ACCESS_TOKEN', '');

define('TWITCH_CLIENT_ID', '');

// Item granted for streaming
define('ITEM_ID', 4037);

// Number of items granted per stream
define('ITEM_COUNT', 5);

// Minimum hours for eligibility? For example, if a player streams for 2 hours, an item is awarded (Default is 1 hour)
define('ITEM_REWARD_TIME', 2);

// Minimum viewers for item eligibility? For example, if a player streams for 1 hour and has a minimum of 5 viewers (Default is 5 viewers)

// Cache duration in seconds (Default is 300 seconds = 5 minutes)
// To avoid constantly loading data from the API, we save it locally
define('CACHE_DURATION', 0);
define('CACHE_FILE_NAME', 'stream_data.json');

// This file stores data to check if a reward has already been granted to a streamer
// This script prevents granting rewards to the same streamer again
define('REWARDED_FILE_NAME', 'rewarded.json');
define('REWARD_INTERVAL', 86400); // Default is 24 hours in seconds: 86400

// Specify Twitch Username and In-Game Character Name here
$streamerTwitch = [
['twitch_username' => 'kussia88', 'game_nickname' => 'Kussia'],
['twitch_username' => 'just_ns', 'game_nickname' => 'NS'],
['twitch_username' => 'waveafterwave2ndlife', 'game_nickname' => 'WaveAfterWave1'],
['twitch_username' => 'bohpts', 'game_nickname' => 'bohpts'],
['twitch_username' => 'fisher', 'game_nickname' => 'fisher'],
['twitch_username' => 'stray228', 'game_nickname' => 'stray228'],
['twitch_username' => 'rostislav_999', 'game_nickname' => 'rostislav_99999999'],
['twitch_username' => 'dyrachyo', 'game_nickname' => 'dyrachyo'],
['twitch_username' => 'burzum1349', 'game_nickname' => 'burzum1349'],
['twitch_username' => 'OCo3HaHue', 'game_nickname' => 'OCo3HaHue'],


How It Looks on Your Website?












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