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Behance - Portfolio

NEW! Websites coding service available!


Prices per service will depend on the complexity of the job:
- Web design: From 50€.
- Banners: From 15€.
- Logo: From 20€
- Presentation: From 40€
- Advertising Package: From 40€

Any requirement/service not listed above, please contact me for a quote!

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27 minutes ago, un1k said:

"Unauthorized distribution of any work, design..."


This first logo was not made by you.


be a man of your word and bring us some proof until then

good luck with your sales.

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6 hours ago, GsL said:

What's the prices for a normal l2 website + forum 

Hello, I can give you a quote privately based on the style of requirement you want, I will write you privately.


2 hours ago, un1k said:

"Unauthorized distribution of any work, design..."


This first logo was not made by you.


The images that are present in the presentation I have designed are simply authorized samples without lucrative intentions. You also have free access to my new portfolio in my personal networks.


Sources - APA Standards:


When is permission required?

  • Permission is required to reproduce a copyrighted image unless it meets one of the criteria described below.
  • Permission is not required to reproduce an image that has a Creative Commons license or is in the public domain. If that is the case for you, you can skip to the Writing permissions section.

1. Academic sources

Many scientific, technical and medical publishers will allow you to reproduce images (in addition to tables or figures) without permission provided that

  • the purpose of the use is academic, non-commercial research or educational use and full credit is given to the author and publisher as copyright holder.

For example, the Editorial of the American Psychological Association (APA) allows you to reproduce without permission:

  • up to three tables or figures from a magazine article or book chapter or;
  • a maximum of five tables or figures from a complete book .;

Please note that all publishers have their own policies, so you should check with the publisher of their material to determine if permission is required.

2. Photography of databases for commercial purposes

To reproduce a photograph from databases for example, you will most likely need to purchase a license from the photography website (for example, ShutterStock, iStock, Getty Images, Corbis, etc.). See the terms in the image to find out what steps to take.

  • If you have a stock photography license, you can use the image in the document without any attribution of credit.
  • If you don't have a stock photography license, you can't reproduce the image.

Note that you may come across a stock photo elsewhere, such as a photo that is part of a blog. That means the publisher of the blog has purchased a license for the photography. If you want to use the same photograph in your academic paper as well, you must purchase your own license for photography.

3. Clip Art

Most clip art does not require permission to reproduce, but may require an attribution of credit. Please refer to the clipart website terms to determine what to do.

  • If the clip art comes from a program like Microsoft Word, for which you purchased the license, then you automatically purchased a license for that clip art as well and can use it in an academic document without any attribution or credit line.
  • If the clip art comes from a free clip art website (for example, Openclipart or TheNounProjecto) and is licensed under Creative Commons or is in the public domain, then permission does not need to be requested, but you must provide a copyright statement. for the image.

4. Fair use for other copyrighted fonts

You can also avoid requesting permission to reproduce a copyrighted image if its use is deemed "fair." Fair use is a complicated and poorly defined legal concept and can vary from country to country. In practice it means that, under certain circumstances, a copyrighted image can be reproduced or adapted without obtaining permission as long as the source is credited.

In the context of image reproduction, its use is probably fair if it meets the following criteria:

  • It is for use in academic work and not for profit (such as an article for a class or publication in an academic journal).
  • Represents facts or data (such as a graph or diagram) rather than creative self-expression (such as works of art, although some famous works of art are in the public domain and therefore do not require permission).
  • It is small relative to the entire work (such as a graph within a report) and not all or the “heart” of the work (such as an individual photograph or a complete cartoon).
  • Reproduction of the image will not harm the market or the potential market of the original author.

If you do not meet the above criteria for fair use or if you are not sure if you meet the criteria, please be careful and request permission to reproduce the image. For more help determining fair use, check with the copyright authority in your country.

Copyright unclear

If the copyright status of the image is unclear, always assume that you have all copyrights reserved. Contact the image editor for more information if necessary.

In addition, if the origin of the image can be determined (for example, you found it on Google and it appears in many places on the Internet without attribution and it is impossible to say where exactly it originated), we recommend that you choose a different image.


Thank you very much for your comments and observations, but I didn't come here with what are probably common (not exactly good) intentions, I love art, I love what I do and I love working with other people to help them find/express what they think or feel.


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I'm not trying to flame him or something, it's just not his work.



You're using someone else work in a presentation that's supposed to show us your skills and past works.

People will hire expecting the level of design that's on your presentation and if you can't provide it...



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Latest Works













Latest Works










Latest Works








More work in my portfolio, don't forget to check it out! I have more projects there


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15 minutes ago, un1k said:

Amazing works! Loved the Toshiro Project in your behance 👏

Thanks! More own projects and studio will come soon.


10 minutes ago, NevesOma said:

@Vex you have nice works. According to the MXC rules you must indicate the approximate prices for your services.

Pricing range added!


Btw: It would be super cool if the forum had a "Spoiler" option when replying or posting topics, to avoid very long posts with visual content.

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I’ve been working in the design field for a long time, but despite this I still have big problems finding some images for projects. That’s how I got acquainted with the site https://depositphotos.com/photos/worried-man.html where there is a lot of interesting information on various topics. This helps me create bright projects.

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