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Help Can't see Japanese/Chinese text in my Interlude Client


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I'm am making/translating some dat files to Japanese for Interlude client. I would like to test these using my local L2J server until I have them complete and ready to share.


Currently I have a clean interlude client, with patched system. I can log into the server without a problem. Everything looks great.

Now I put j-dats and j-glys in system folder, change localization.ini to Japanese, put L2font-j.utx (from JP classic files) into systextures, and edit ttfontinfo.ini for appropriate font. Alas when I log into client I see nothing. Only small traces of English from the DAT can be seen (ALT - R, ALT - B from system menu).



https://imgur.com/a/moGKK2K (And here a picture of the login screen. )


So I thought maybe something was wrong with my client/dats. So I took files from another server I play on, which has a Chinese patch, and tried to using those files on my clean client to see if I could load Chinese version on my local server. Again, same problem, I can't see the text. I know many things are different between my client and theirs, this server I play on, but I can't seem to figure out why their client can load Chinese characters and mine cannot. I would just test my j-dats on their server if I could, but their launcher, even when started from l2.exe, won't start with any edited files.


I have spent a few days now looking at these two client folders. I have searched the internet high and low. I have looked at Russian language patcher, browsed Chinese forums for Chinese patchers, etc. just to try and learn what must be done to make a working language patch. Now I fear I am too stupid to figure this out on my own, though I will continue to look, I am asking for help if anyone knows what direction I must go to get this working. 


EDIT: After making a copy of the servers files and replacing server address with local IP I was able to connect to my server with their Chinese Language patch. Now I think problem lies in using UTX from classic JP client or JP localization on Interlude client. I renamed the Japanese files to large/small.cn-gly and l2font-cn.utx and I get error while loading client. Now I am getting editor to compare UTX files. Sorry if I am saying a bunch of stupid things. Me noob 🙂


EDIT2: SOooo
1. I got into the L2Front-cn.utx using l2decrypt/l2tool/UE2. https://imgur.com/a/gRPdZJX 
2. I tried to do the same for L2Font-J.utx taken from japanese classic files but when I open the decrypted file in UE I get an error https://imgur.com/a/CYmjX0C . I tried also to decrypt it using smart decrypt method as explained by Celestine on these forums but again, the program closed and I got this error message https://imgur.com/a/kqsmIuB . I tried both UE2 and UE3.

My only guess at this point is that the interlude client cannot read L2Font-j.utx taken from jclassic files, possibly do to differences in encryption. I wonder if there is anyway I can get into this L2Font-J.utx? If it is not possible (or too difficult for a noob such as myself), what is the best way to produce the dds files for small/large font so I can place them within the UTX files I am able to edit.

At this point I am pretty much taking shots in the dark, nevertheless I will keep trying. If anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated. 


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