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Hello everyone , im selling my char in L2Damage.



All skillls in everyclass main,subs is +10 some of them are +11

Tallum R set +20

RB Jewels set +20 set

Dark Crystal R set +20

Draconic Light set +19 2 parts +20

Damage Tattoo +20

Tattoo of Resolve +20

1 million adena

Spear +20

AM +20 with wild magic passive 

AM +20 with empower passive

AM +0 with empower active

Draconic bow +0 with duel might active

Draconic bow +19 with might passive

Agility active, focus active , celestial shield , battle roar active.


Im selling only to greek citizens cuz i want to make the transcation via greek bank (i get the money you get the account also the permission to change your e mail / pass whatever)

(I'm saying only for greeks because if someone outside wants to send money this will take some days (depends on the day you send) so i dont want any problems , calling me a scammer for 15 euros , or someone to wait until he gets the player) I hope this is clear for everyone.


Account price: 15E




new price up

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new price

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